1Let's lay all the cards out on the proverbial table

This is no fable of perfect teenage love

This is no glove-fit emo story with Prozac endings and

False-stitched mendings that were never enough

There are phone messages and feelings I can't erase

On a grim pedestal there's his face

Even when mine's full of tears that belong to him

There are fears and memories I can't seem to place

This story starts with two hearts that melted into one

When the battle'd just begun with a fresh kiss,

And with closed fists he broke that woven heart to two

My religion is lying in a shoebox, I think "Cupid's arrow surely missed you"

My hopes are as high as my standards, It'd be a lie to say

Anything less than bliss would satisfy me

I'm a Band-aid masochist, I kiss each wound until the blood eeks out

Even loneliness gets a second chance when the numbness has leaked out

So maybe you think you've heard it all before

A three-week heartbreak with a resolution the brink

But this is no lore, drink me in and let the poison sift through your veins

And baby, when you sink to the floor I'll be there as your preconceived notions wane