Death and destruction, journey to the fiery world of torture and grief.

Eris and her divine gift bring torture and chaos.

Once gone, gone is for good, no one can bring them back, only follow.

They're gone; all have gone to meet Hades

And Grim and Death has taken them and will not give them back.

Everyone, worlds and the universe

An explosion caused by misuse of good.

No one survives, no one can remember

For there is no one, not a single person,

Only God can bring them back

And only if she wishes,

For it is within her mind and power to restore what is gone.

Those gone can't always be remembered for even God, in all her greatness,

Cannot retain all that once was.

Everyone must die for no one can outwit the evils of the spider and bacteria.

They're gone, and it is forever.

Not a soul remains to look for life, not a light to lead the way.

She cries, her dreams shattered, destroyed.

The sparks of life have backfired and she weeps for those she has lost.

Life is gone; destiny has failed her,

All were wrong.

Not a soul remains from her life, no longer does life flow in her mind,

She simply is a lifeless being wishing for a better view of life that is always wrong.

No longer can she smile,

For her family is gone, destroyed. They burned and screamed and couldn't survive

Not even in her mind.