The World's Cruelest Killer

In the world animals kill other animal for survival. Humans eat beef, lions eat antelope, and spiders even capture bugs and suck their blood. All of this is to keep on living their lives in this world. But have you ever thought that there could be an animal that was a serial killer, an animal that kills just for fun. Believe it or not there is. The Felis catus. Yes my friends the domestic house cat.

Seriously if you just watch them. Cats kill for fun, hunting bugs, mice, and even it's favorite kitty toy. What do they do when they've caught a roach, stick their nose up at it and refuse to eat it. I mean come on that's a waste of perfectly good spider food. But no the cat goes after the spider next! So horrible, leaving the poor spider's babies orphans.

Then when it is sure that its prey is dead they tend to try to hide the evidence, placing it in your favorite shoes, on your bed, or in the tub. Some even have fun dismembering they prey's body just so it can hide in all three places.

Cats are so cool about it too. In fact I could swear that they enjoyed hunting and killing. They never show a sign of remorse or guilt. You could put them on the spot light and they lick their paws without a care. Probably trying to clean off the evidence.

Yet we praise this behavior. When we see a roach we call for our precious, beloved cat to save us. Praising the serial killer and giving him treats. Forgetting that tonight when we go to sleep the dead roach will be on our pillow. It's as if the cat is teasing us, waiting for the mistress's shrill crying, as it goes off for the next pointless and cruel hunt.

Tell me why do we let them get away with it?!?


This passage has not factual evidence. (Unless you consider the spiders and roaches always left on my pillow) It was intended for humor.