chug the whole damned bottle
under five minutes
a taste once sweet
dirtied and foul

feel nothing see nothing
sober as a calm
waiting for the effects to claim me
i sit and wonder
and then that splash of madness

a wave floats over me
vocals straining i scream
feeling so drunk now
ive lost all motor control
pinch me i feel nothing

numb and without a face
in the darkness terrors loom
breathing and prancing about me
a connection so close
i stumble

in and out of black holes
i fall to the ground
to awake somewhere unknown
unconscience for hours
all sanity lost

am i missing something?
running away from paranoia
surely they did not follow us
bubbling and gurgling
into the toilet the colours do fade

blisters all over your back
all my fears are mounting
hoping to come down
i can't remain this way forever
so fucked up

questioning the how
never receiving and answer
finally landing on my feet
slap i'm becoming sober
snap i am sober
back into reality