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Canvas' story- Chapter one?

"What's up, porky?"

I winced at the name and continued my stoic walk down the hallway to my fifth period class. They've always called me names like that, even when I was little ... well, younger anyway. I suppose they have an excuse. I am pudgy after all ... my belly is a bit robust and my cheeks round.

They even call me Santa when Christmas comes around, making fun of, not only my obesity, but the way my nose reddens when I'm cold. All the all black that I wear doesn't hide my jiggly body either, but it helps a bit and keeps me from feeling even more down about myself.

My hair is naturally a roach brown, but I dye it black to make my face look slimmer... it doesn't really help...

Sometimes I just wish I were as slender and normal... like everyone else...

StoicSilence '

Canvas read the livejournal with sympathy. Normally he hated to read things like this simply because of how fucking sad they were. He hated the worlds violence and the way no one ever thought about what they said before they fucking said it. He hated how robust people were always outed and made fun of. After all, he liked his guys with a little meat on 'em. Of course, he even caught shit for that too. No one ever really looked at big people as humans, but as targets for everyone else's amusement and fat jokes.

Feeling the need to let the kid know he wasn't alone, he signed in under his name screen name and left this 'Stoic Silence' fellow a message.

'Yo Stoic,

Don't feel bad, man! Most people have their minds set in such ridiculous stereotypes it's unreal. Don't worry w/ them and stick it out, everything will turn out right in the end.


Hoping his words helped in some way, he exited the window and went back to browsing journals. Finding an older one by the same author as before, he clicked on the link.

"Sometimes life is so miserable. I mean... I just want to die most of the time - not because I'm big, but because I am so very alone. Which is admittedly probably because of my obesity.

God, I hate that word! Obese. It sounds like 'Oh, a beast'. Is that what I am? What I look like? This would usually be the part where I put a link in to my picture, but I don't feel much like getting laughed at today...

Stoic Silence"

Canvas frowned. It sounded like this kid had more problems than being fat. In fact, other than a possible borderline problem, the kid sounded like he could afford to get laid.

Clicking on the kid's name that linked to his homepage, he began reading more about the boy. This Stoic dude turned out to be an eighteen-year-old senior that lived in the very same city as himself. He was 5'11", and his weight wasn't listed, which would have told Canvas the kid was sensitive about his weight even if he hadn't just read about it.

After a few minutes of reading over the biography and interests, he came to a 'see me here' link. He was more than a little surprised at finding this for obvious reasons. But nothing surprised him more, however, than when he actually clicked upon the link. Once the picture popped up his sight was assulted with quite the beau, if he did say so himself. His eyes first rested on an oval shaped face, the boy's cheeks were a bit saggy, but not monstrously so and were still defined enough to show high cheek bones and the curve of a well defined jaw. He had no 'under -chin' and had a slender top lip with a thick bottom, making his mouth quite adorable in shape. His nose was pointed, but cute, like that of a fairy's, if one were to think it over and his eyes were almost ... cat-like and were colored a pretty gray-blue. His hair was down to his chin and would no doubt look better short, but he was still a cute kid. Hell, even his body was attractive, if you were into thick. He wasn't saggy or covered in rolls, just a thick, big -boned boy in general.

Canvas was impressed! The kid was actually pretty hot, to him anyway. He liked a guy that wouldn't break if he got a little rough with him and this Stoic fellow sure as hell looked like he could hold his own, even if he did seem a little emo. He quickly went to the kid's contact box and added him as a friend, hoping the guy would accept him. He then moved to send a private message.

"Yo! Stoic, it's me again. Listen ... you're hot and I live close by ... how's about a date?


He was surprised when he recieved an answer only a few moments after sending the message.

'Yea, right. Don't flame me, man. I've got enough problems without people like you teasing me.

Stoic Silence'

Canvas was momentarily taken aback. Was the kid not gay? He was sure he had read otherwise on his homepage, but quickly checked back to make sure. Indeed he had been right. Maybe the guy just thought he had been 'teasing' then. He quickly wrote a note to correct the assumption.

'I'm serious, dude. Friday?'

Okay, so he wasn't that surprised when he was informed of being ignored. That irked him more than a bit. He had always been able to get damn near any guy he wanted - until this damn Internet thing. Shaking his head at the loss he moved on to explore the other homepages and blogs on the site.