"Bring Forth the Body"

I am the face you hid away,

The child you wouldn't see

Spit on me and threw away,

You've always spited me.

I am the bitch you'll never take,

Don't ask me to behave

And I hope you realize this last mistake,

Will dig your motherfucking grave

So bring forth the body, Now

Your morals have all gone to shit

You're just looking for a punching bag,

And so help me god, I won't be it

Bring for the fucking bodies now,

And wade back into your shit

The sea of lies and broken truths,

This never will be it

Bring forth the body,

The rights of the Accused?

Your shallow, dead, immoral minds

Have left us hollow and used

Bring forth your accusations, Boy

Something you'll never stand behind

A name that used to bring us joy

Has destroyed the last bits of my mind

I am the heart you tore in two,

A bitch you couldn't handle

This suicyclone has now found you,

And demolished your whitest candle.

I am the sister of the damned,

A child of the eternally wronged

And your wretched blood will stain my hands,

And your bones will echo my song

So bring forth the body,

Your life is worth shit.

I've got no use for help, now

Apologies won't ever cut it.

Bring out your pleas now, Child

Don't worry about your heart

I'll make damned sure to shred to bits

Something that should't have lived from the start

Bring forth the body,

No rights to the accused..

I've bled for these lies,

And I"ve fallen, abused

Bring forth the Body..