I sit here now,

In this once special place;

It's grown cold now,

It's full of waste.

Wasted, worn out

Like it's memories-

Like the fucking liars

It brought to me.

I watched you fade back into the water,

Backwards inside out.

I watched the masks of a million liars,

Send you to your newest route.

I felt each stab you felt

Even though you delivered them.

Unhitching each stich,

Severing each hem.

Unwinding this once-tightly woven world,

Now you're just another

Dumb little Girl.

Now you're caught up in your makeshift world,

With his little dies and cinnamon curls-

Now you're lost in his sea of shit,

Thinking he's the one, your love, he's it.

Maybe someday you'll open your eyes,

To his web of deciet, his bullshit lies.

But for now, you're fucking blind

To him and to the life you left behind-

You bring this back,

On this little plate.

My morsels of pain,

Whore-de-vours of hate.

Now the hammer handle twists,

Nailing away what was left of this.

Killed away bacteria,

Friendship was just a hysteria.

I watched you melt from the heat of lies,

Watched my flower wilt, my best friend die.

I watched my lifeswork turn to shit,

This is the end, for us it's it.

Tables turned full circle now,

Against us, against me, I'll never know how.

To the fucker that took my friend,

From a hate that has no end.

Wasted, Worn-out

I'm still your burn out.

Still suffering for your tears,

Still dying because of these years.