Anesthetic whispers drown my reason

Spinning, moving, still

Thoughts blendingwith the place underneath my sheets

I thought would hide me from my mind's numerous parasites

No matter where I go

I have to sleep

My grasp loosens on my sheets

I only feel what she tells me to

Fever, misplaced lust

Instinctively, I try to hide under the sheets

But she won't let go

"I've missed you."

She positison herself ontop of me

Starched curls of sex-hair rain over my face

She bites my lips and kisses me

I turn away

Can I walk out on my own dream?

She follows my drift with harder kisses

Stops for oxygen, and tells me

"You're not going anywhere."

In a single breath

Runs her hands inside my thighs

Pushes between

A single thrust diminishes my resolve

I'm not in the moodto fight her

Or tell her that I love her

Despite what happens in these dreams

When I lose control of simple words

I remain still, for a moment

Before giving in

Making love to the nightmares she's sent me

For close to two years

Just to be my first thought upon waking up