-A little girl about the age of five cries, not wanting to practice music.
"I want to go play!!"
"No! Sing!"
"I don't want to sing! It's boring! I want to play!"
"You WILL sing!"
The girl feels the cold hand of her mother on her back and cries even more.

-A little girl screams and cries as the sharp sting of The Belt beats her back. She yells for her mother, but her mother stands there, looking sympathetic, while the man continues to beat the girl.
"Sorry!! I will from now on!!"
The man opens the door and shoves the girl outside, still crying. The mother reaches into the closet, takes out the girl's shoes and the girl unwillingly puts them on.
SLAM! The door slams and the little girl is left outside in the cold, crying and in pain.

-An older girl stares happily at her mother, glad to see her bringing coffee and a special drink for her. Her mother, smiling, walks over and hands a coffee to her husband, who is angry, because they might miss a show.
"I was getting coffee! There was a long line!"
The husband glares and throws the untouched coffee into a nearby bush. The girl feels the fresh sting of tears as she saw the crestfallen face of her mother, who had the decency to get drinks for everyone.

-A girl, about the age of ten, cries while staring at a note.
"Dear anonymous,
Neelo, Trumanh and I have been talking.
We don't want to be your friend anymore."
The girl, for the first time in her life, witnessed judgement and the cold harshness of reality.

-A girl the age of 15, sits in her room, crying. She has been deprived of something she loved. She stops, looks up and a strange emotion overcame her. She fingers the scissors, as if undecided on her next action. She then picks up the scissors, and drives the blade into her skin. Fresh tears poured out.
In the midst of this pain, the girl smiled.

-The same girl sits in her room, realizing her dream is gone. She wanders through the darkness of what is left of her home, and falls to the floor. She sobs uncontrollably, crying and screaming, "No!". She glances at the scissors, waiting for her, then turns away. She gets up and walks to the kitchen. There, she fingers a knife. Shaking her head, the girl leaves, still crying. She realizes failure, true failure, for the first time. She now knows that success is a stranger that will never come and take her away. With these thoughts still spinning in her head, the girl closes her eyes and continues to cry.