My life is black and empty,
I cannot see my way.

Perhaps if you light a lamp,
The dark will go away.

My blood it runs so slow and cold,
Throughout my frozen veins.

A radiator will sort this out,
But watch out for chilblains.

He does not love me,
He does not know I'm there.

Send him a nice Valentines card,
Let him know you care.

Sometimes I feel like I just cannot live,
In this world anymore.
Nobody knows I'm here.
Nobody knows my fear.
Nobody hears my call.
Nobody stops my fall.

Repeat After Me…

Sometimes I feel like I just wanna hug
This world all the time.
I love the pretty flowers.
Wasting summer time hours.
Going out with all my friends.
Hoping it never ends.

I hate it.

I love it.

Draw a cold (broken) razorb…b…blade
Across my pale milky skin.
And fall in(to)
The fountain.

Oh dear!
Draw a lovely kitty(cat)
On a clean sheet of (wall)paper.
And colour it

Skulking in the corner, never to be heard.
Dancing in the sunlight, singing like a bird.

I hate it.

I love it.

Leave me alone and let me die,
I don't want to live, I wanna be free.
I am held down by all those around me,
Everybody hates me.
And I just

Oh cheer up!