Holding The World (for how long?)

There was a girl, looking like she could take
the world between her fingertips, coated with i'm-
not-really-a-waitress red in contrast to her pale lips
tasting like candy canes without the real red
that knows you can't give fate a detour
as she places the world in her palm, pulling off
places that she's been hurt and placing those places
in the garbage can, filled with crumpled papers
with songs that were forgotten, but the pain
does not leave so simply and looks for a map
to get around the past or pictures in the corner
but there are too many and she rips it in half
just like the candy she shared with the boy she
loved but now feels like she can never be loved
as she raises the world, good luck (to you) charms
appearing from the wound she created with-
out one single care for the lives ruined
because they ruined her with the words and more
like acid, burning her heart and the clovers
and finally burning the past because that
girl who fell from love is no longer just a girl.