So,I wrote this last year for English class, and I never stuck it up here, but now I'm submitting it in a writing contest so I guess it deserves to be on here if I'm willing to submit it to a contest sort of thing.

For You To Notice


His shaggy brown hair blew in the wind as he glided down the hill on his skateboard. He stood at about five feet eleven, when he wasn't on his skateboard. That was a rare site though, that skateboard was almost always attached to his feet. He was amazing though, only if he weren't serious about skating. Even though, a guy being that serious about something in his life should impress a girl, which it did, don't get me wrong but I just wished that Brandon Miles had time to notice girls, or at least me.

I sat there watching him from Katie's driveway. Katie Sutton was my best friend, and the reason we were in her driveway was because we were tanning. Well, she was trying to get a tan more than I was, because I was too busy watching Brandon.

I liked him a lot, but unfortunately he liked skateboarding more than girls. I sighed, bringing Katie's attention to me.

"Sarah, give it up. Brandon has lived there for three years; I've tried to get him to notice me. It hasn't worked. I think he might actually be gay. I mean has he ever had a girlfriend? I don't…" Katie rambled on, but I tuned her out.

I knew I obviously didn't have a chance with Brandon, especially considering I had never even spoken to him before in my life. He probably didn't even know my name, but I was okay with that. I'd rather like him and think about what could happen between us, then actually talk to him and have my hopes and dreams shattered.

"Is he coming over here?" I heard Katie say, snapping me back into reality.

"I hope so, maybe we could talk," I mumbled, my tone dripping with sarcasm, as I watched him skate towards us. He was approaching rather fast; I exhaled after a moment only when I realized I had been holding my breath.

I saw Katie give me a sly smile out of the corner of my eye. Brandon looked over at me, and I realized I had been staring. I blushed and he just gave a small smile, and kept on skating. I thought that he'd actually stop. I glanced at Katie, my disappointment apparent on my face and said, "I knew that would be too good to be true."

"Look at it this way, at least you can say, 'Brandon Miles smiled at me!'" Katie said, laughing as she finished.

I rolled my eyes and said, "Oh yeah, that's a huge consolation. I bet he smiles at his stupid skateboard too."

Katie nodded and said, in mock seriousness, "Of course." We laughed and I watched Brandon skate off down the street, doing tricks once in a while.

Some things would never change. I shook my head and decided that maybe Katie was right; I should just give it up. There were other boys that were actually interested in girls.

"Come on, let's try to tan for real this time," Katie said, interrupting my thoughts. I gave a sheepish grin and nodded.

"All right," I said, lying down on the towel next to hers, laughing silently to myself. I wasn't over Brandon, he was still on my mind, but I'd have to get over him. It wasn't meant to be; I knew that. Whether or not I liked that concept, at least I would admit it.

It didn't mean I couldn't still think about him, right? Plus, Katie made a good point. Brandon Miles smiled at me. Maybe there was still hope after all…