All those stories that I never wrote
All those hearts that I've always broke
What good are any of them
If they can't understand my own hymn

Unfinished thoughts; unspoken infections
Embrace the clarity as you emote your affection
Refurnished wood; re-polished automobiles
Nothing matters but this melancholy moment I'll steal

All those watery eyes; all those tears you never cried
Something is slipping my way; something bittersweet
Uninhibited - congealing within me; there's no reason to hide
Cradling the paper in your palm; I never expected you to weep

I was born on an Indiana plain, and I guess that makes me innocent
How could I be so selfish; all those destructive thoughts I reminisce
All I can do is smile; no need to be an actor as you hold me close
I've learned I don't need to be compulsive to seal the loose

Never had we reflected on ourselves as we did that night
Our voices choked up; our gazes barley met
Those four days climaxed under familiar, warm light
He said the final conundrum laid to rest

All in all I believe this road is finally right; musings calm
Should have concluded by myself; hushing my qualms
Gleaming in newfound solace, I understand my identity
Under the winter solstice, I take the hand of reborn serenity