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You lay awake, listening to their breathing.

Three souls.

Three lives.

Three years since you last sat like this.

It's always three

Three years old

When your first brother died

Three years of pain

Before the last was gone.

Three quick swipes

With a piece of broken glass

And for three years

You were on your own

Even back then

Everything was in threes

Three colors

In the Kusanagi eyes

Three tries

Before Genesis came to life

Three minds

That make up Avatar

Three doctors

Saved your life

And they came in threes, too

Three birthmarks

On his right arm

Three hoops

In his left ear

Three scars

On his stony face

Three boys

Three worlds

Three chances

To make things right

Best friend



Yours to protect

Yours to guard

Yours to live for

Forever more

Three times

You escaped death

Three disasters

You averted

Three perfect months

For all of you together

Three simple words

Were all you could give them

And in three quick blows

Everything was gone

Three long years

You slept away

Three long years

They lived on

Three long years

Till you were together again

Three hours ago

They found you

Three hours ago

You returned to the three that waited so long

Three loving hearts

Welcoming you home

Three precious loved ones

Finally back in your arms

Three imperfect souls

Sleeping at your sides again

Your best friend

With his head on your shoulder

Your brother

Head rested on your lap

Your partner

Leaning against your legs

And three tears

They'll never know you shed