"Audrey Rich! Stop peeking through the bushes and come help me peel some potatoes, " my mother hissed.

I nodded and scrambled up before making several hand movements to my best friend Lisa March, that had said, "Come by later?" to which she agreed.


I smiled sarcastically and said mockingly, "Yes, mother," before following her clicking heels. Today she had her long, brown hair swept up in a tight bun. With her light makeup, suede heels, beige pants, black skinned tight skivvy and black apron topped with her fiery, green eyes she looked very elegant indeed. I had inherited her eyes and was a spitting image of her, although I knew I did not carry the sophisticated aurora that she unconsciously upheld. The wives of Ellen Street were envious of her looks, being a forty-something wife and mother, her appearance and well being never seemed to age.

As I reached the kitchen, the floorboards began to creek comfortably against my feet. I loved my house and everything in it. It was a peaceful home with slouchy chairs, wooden floorboards and light scented candles.

'Hey Audrey, give your father a kiss!" I rolled my eyes and kissed him gently on the cheek. He had his glasses on and quickly returned to his office with his loud, stomping steps.

I began peeling the potatoes when the sound of the doorbell resounded through the hallway.

"Mum, can I go? Lisa said she would come over, we'll just be over to the park," I asked pleadingly. She nodded as I rushed down to open the door and grabbed my sneakers on the way. I chatted a little, while looking at the tall, starkly trees glowering far off in the distance. Lisa was Rosalie's sister and what she lacked beauty, she gained in personality. She had curly, red hair; a crooked nose and an uplifting smile that perked up in the corners revealing adorable dimples.

The bellbirds had begun to sing and I drifted off into a bemused dream. We held hands and whispered our secrets and desires to one another, discussing our futures together at the age of forty-two.

However, quite unexpectedly, Lisa shoved me into the corner of the park and began talking excitedly.

"Look, the truth is I wanted to talk to you about something. I've realised today that us kids, don't have many rights. We have to do everything that our parents tell us to do and it just isn't fair. We are the next generation and since our parents are becoming of ageā€¦..they are going to die off anyway. Don't you think we ought to gain some more respect, Audrey, from our parents?"

"I suppose so, when you put it like that, but mother always tells me that I have to learn from her first before I do something or else I'll get hurt. What can we do? There's really no use, you know and what does this have to do with me?" I asked suspiciously now, whenever Lisa decided to take action; she would always drag me deep into her mess.

"I thought we could start a club, gain new ideas, power and I was thinking that you........ could be the leader?"

"Me, why me?"

"Because even though you're quiet, you're outspoken, blunt, smart and there's a born leader in you just wanting to jump out. Plus you're the oldest, being 14 and a month older than me, and people won't judge you." I sighed, equal rights for everyone sounded like a good idea so I agreed.

"Don't expect too much," I said as Lisa whooped with joy. As Lisa linked our arms together and babbled on, I never knew how much trouble I had tangled myself in, one that I would have to unravel myself.

This chapter was kind of rushed so there may be some mistakes.