Spark a fading interest across the seas
You see her smiling in your mind at the words unspoken
Kill the raging thoughts of doubt
That flutter across your fluid mindstate

Wave to the ship that carries
A kiss you shall recieve
When the miracle walks down
From her thrown into your own

Flick the light on and off as it suits you
As lips grace skin with sensation
Your perfect dream is slowly slipping
With the gentle ring of the telephone
Your eyes tear open further with every pulse
The memory strikes you too late to answer
Silence closes in and you fall sweetly to dreams

Spark a startling interest across the seas
You see her laughing at the unshared jokes
Quell the raging thoughts of miscomprehension
That stumble across your dreamy mindstate

So will you take the intiative?
And take that phone in hand?
Call across the ocean distantly
From the corner of your mind
You hear yourself holler out a name
One so foreign and friendly
You melt in and out of speech as it suits you
When your ocean love is retrieved
The raging thoughts of doubt quit fluttering
Across your love-drenched mindstate