You always find the most amazing ways
To prove time and time again
That you honestly have no clue who I am
You purchase gifts for a stranger
With my name written across the wrapping
Asking about a girlfriend I haven't had
In so long that I've forgotten her name
I stand here before you
The one whom you gave birth
Wrists facing sky with a plea on my lips
Remember me however you wish
Just know me as I am

Well damnit this time
Well damn all of this
I will run away from here

I'm anxious enough for leaving
Lay off the bullshit for a day or two
Dear mother, I never knew your name
Dear father, for you, I fear, the same
This isn't as such a letter "goodbye"
More to the end of "here I am, hello"
Dear mother, please tell father I'm not listening
Dear father, please tell mother I'm not fucking around

Well god damn me this one time
Well god damn all of this
We will run away from here

In the sleepy hours of this dreary house
Not to be confused with a home
I find you waiting in the kitchen
Knife held at arms length
You are stuttered and shocked
You mutter and swear at me
What have I done, you ask me
In the corner of the room there he lays
The man, you say, come to take me away

Well damnit this time
Well god damn this man
I can't run away from here

We'll bury him under a hidden statue
It reads his name is bloodied lettering
Under, an inscription tells
"May God Bless This Place Where He Died"