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Chapter 2

He audibly cleared his throat. I reddened as I caught myself staring into his eyes.

Finding my voice again, "I'm sorry but you have one rare set of eyes." I said, forgetting about his earlier comment.

He smiled, "Rare set?"

I nodded, "Purplish-blue, it isn't really your garden variety."

"Do you find it strange?"

"Not really, I have met one other, my professor, but his were more blue than purple. And it is possible just very rare, even more rare than the so called 'one blue and one green' eye set" Wow one of those lessons on genes stuck with me. I thought as I remembered one of my Genetics courses back in the university. My mom thought I was doctor material.

"I see," he nodded and took another sip. I took one too as a silence set in. I looked up and caught him staring at me.

I turned my eyes out the window for I did not know how to react, the sun has gone down and the clouds reflected an orange shadow in the distance. Strange, I felt calm in the face of this stranger though I normally wouldn't have as is my upbringing.

He was young perhaps only a year older than I, around the age of twenty four maybe. I noted that without his eyes, I would still probably stare. He had smooth skin with a hint of a tan, luscious dark brown hair and he was clad in a casual black coat and white polo shirt which made him look very classy indeed. He struck me as the kind of man that for some reason is very secretive and enigmatic despite his feat of sitting with a complete stranger and for his confident comments.

"And what of the book?" he pressed.

"Perhaps, it is you who find me strange. For one as old as I to still read about something as fictional as vampires."

"No, I do not find you strange, just rare, an interest is an interest, and each of us has our own."

"True, but rare? I am as mediocre as can be. Do you have an interest in such stories as well?"

"You can say that. I liked the Dark Ages and the Renaissance when the world opened its minds to new possibilities but keeping tradition intact when night creatures were a common knowledge and somehow accepted as they struggled to accept technology. The world today seems to lack the acceptance, graceful transition and elegance of the times then. Don't you agree?"

I nodded. "Yes, but what fascinates me most about such creatures is the fact that they can stand to see death so many times. I also wonder if at all they have a heart, still capable of emotion or are they lifeless merely feeling things that walk the night. It'd actually be interesting to hear their point of view. If you don't mind me asking, are you perhaps a historian?"

He took a sip and kept his eyes on me. "You could say that I am, but not professionally, and like you I merely have an interest for it. And what about you, are you a writer in search of inspiration from such books?"

"Not quite, I'm on a break or more accurately in hiding from my editor," I jested. How did he know I wrote?

He smiled that smile of his, as if he knew what I was about to say before even I say it. "Yes, I think I know what you mean." He took another sip of his coffee and we talked.

We talked about all things, politics, science, culture, mythology, peoples but most of all our equally interested wanderings on vampires and the so called immortals, my earlier reading activity quite forgotten. As we both ordered a few more cups of coffee. I cannot help but speak to this stranger so freely. I was unaware of the darkening sky outside. After quite sometime, I glanced at my watch.

"Oh my," I said with a start, "I must be going now. It's become quite late." I took my book and signaled Margaret for my bill to be delivered. I floundered about my small bag for my wallet as I stuffed the book in. He signaled for his bill as well. Margaret laid the pieces of paper before us but to my surprise took it away just as quickly though I had not yet set my pay on the little tray as I still was busy coming up with the money .

"Margaret," I began to call her back.

"Not to worry, I have already taken care of it." The stranger before me intoned.

"Oh thank you, but please allow me to pay you back." I said as I pulled out a bill. I believe it was not wise to take the advantage of this stranger's kindness.

"It is no problem at all. It is quite hard to find good conversationalists and I very much indeed enjoyed our talk." He said as he waved the bill away.

"Thank you very much," I said as I stood and place on my bonnet and gloves, "for the coffee and for the complement."

As I made to leave, he stood and asked, "It is not wise for a lady to walk the streets alone at this time, would you allow me to walk you home?"