My head starts to spin
When I look at all these numbers
Oh God, these numbers!
Burning so emptily in my mind.

"I hate you," I murmur,
to my uncaring assessment.
It only stares at me,
With the same blank expression,
Others died from.

Pffft, I think.
What's the use?
Stupid precalculus,
I think.
Math sucks anyway…
And whoever invented the letter X,
Should die forever.
Rotting with green slime..,
The words repeat over and over
In my head

I smile, imagining ways to torture,
Who brought so many others,
To the brink of insanity.
But the time is now wasted,
And that excuse for a teacher,
A dirtbag says four words:
"Time's up. Pencils down."

My heart pumping, I look down
And to my horror, I stare
At nothing.
Sighing, I turn this test in,
Get up and walk away,
Never caring,
Never wondering,
What the hell X equaled.