Everett left, with a loud shutting of the door, which splayed dust onto the already dirty floor.

" Home sweet home." West said looking around. " Once you start working, and we get used to it, we'll be able to fix it up. You'll see."

Emilyn looked at him uncertain, and tore off a smal piece of the moldy wallpaper. She sat on the edge of the worn out couch.

" Let's make a list of everything we need to fix up, first. Then, as we start getting settled, and get more money, we can slowly check things off our list." West said, stepping on a bug that was jittering by.

" Alright, the list is going to be quite long, though." She got up, " Do you have any paper? or a pen?"

Weston checked his pockets " No, I don't. But, surely there's some somewhere in here." He opened a drawer, it was empty. He pulled out another, it was full with junk. Tape, paper, pencils, pens, a ruler, everything coated with dust and filth. He picked up the paper, and one of the pens. " Ah, here we are."

" Alright, we need new wall things; paint, wallpaper, etc," she glanced up, he was writing furiously. " Some furniture, preferrably a couch, a chair, maybe a loveseat?." Pause. Scribble. " New beds, some tables. A LOT of cleaning material. Some of these things are just fine. The sink seems fine, just needs a good cleaning. All the plumbing works..decent, I believe."

" What about the carpet?" West asked glancing down at the horrendous green shag.

" Hmm." Emilyn said, she bent down and pulled a corner of it up. Hardwood. " This hardwood under here seems to be in okay shape, what do you say we just pull all the carpet up? It'd be cheaper than putting in new."

" Sounds fine to me. Anything else?" he asked, his hand perched above the paper, ready to write.

" Food and drinks, of course. And..hm.." she walked over to the old, incredibly small tv, and turned it on. There were only three stations, and all three were fuzzy. " A television."

Weston wrote it down. " I think that's all good for now, anything else are just neccesities, really."

They both plopped down on the couch, " We have a lot of work to do." West said.

" And a lot of money to make." Emilyn added. She was glad she got the job at the magazine company. It paid quite a bit.

" I saw a help wanted sign in Dixen, and I think I'm going to ask him if I can work there. That way, I'm at least making some money."

" Good idea." Emilyn got up and grabbed her bags and suitcases. " You can have the bed, I don't mind." she said pulling the cases into the living room.

" No way. You're the lady, you get the bedroom." West said taking her bags and pulling them into the bedroom. Emilyn giggled, too bad he was gay.
The next morning, Emilyn's alarmclock went off. She'd packed it. She turned it off, and rolled over, staring at the gross ceiling. She groaned, she'd have to get used to this getting up early business.

After a frew more minutes of lying there, she pulled off the covers, and slunk into the bathroom. She turned on the hotwater, shed her clothes, and got in. It wasn't the best shower she'd ever had, seeing as how the "hot" water was more or less barely warm, but it was a shower nonetheless. She dressed into a nice lavender blazer, with matching pants, a white blouse underneath. She looked...professional.

This was the first time ever working with a magazine company, she didn't know how to dress. She put on some light makeup, and brushed her teeth. She grabbed her purse. She was ready. She tiptoed past Weston, who was snoring slightly, one of his legs dangling off the couch. She quietly opened the door, and shut it behind her.

A while later, Weston heard car horns honking loudly outiside, and a tiny sliver of sunshine peaked through the small window. He opened one eye, and then the other. He stretched, and got up, going into the bathroom. After he was done, he went into the kitchen to get some breakfast. He opened the cupboard, and realized, there was no food.
He had forgotten for a moment.

" Hmm.," He said to himself. " I think I'm going to go shopping."
Emilyn walked to the corner, and whistled for a cab. Traffic was crazy, and the company was still another ten minutes away. But at the rate the cab was going, she wouldn't be there for a half an hour or more.
She handed the cabby his money, and hopped out. She slipped off her heels, and started on her gait. She ran quickly down the sidewalk, turning and glancing at her map along the way. She ignored the looks from tourists, and passing people, she just kept running.

She finally reached it about 8 minutes later. She slipped back on her heels, straightened up, took a deep breath, and pushed the revolving door.

It was all chrome, and stone everywhere. So..modern. Nothing was old. Everyone had new straight, cute hairstyles. All the girls looked perfect, and the guys all looked gorgeous. Everyone was wearing a headset and scurrying about. She suddenly felt plain. She then noticed what everyone was wearing. New, hip, modern clothes. Flaired jeans, boots, tunics, tank tops. She wanted to sink into the floor.

She almost turned around right there until the lanky lady at the desk, with fiery red short hair, and electric blue eyes spotted her.

" May I help you, love?"