A Message to the Fake Ones

Why must you be so fake?

Does the sign stupid run across my face?

I'd respect you more if you'd be who you really are

But instead you try to insult my intelligence

Thinking this will get you far

See I had precaution before I even met you

How could you possibly think your persona would look true?

Your education doesn't mean anything to me

If you're to ignorant to bring the truth called reality

You think if you act a little wild

Or support a black child that

That will help boost your self esteem


Who are you foolin?

Not you, and definitely not me!

Character will make or break you

And you look might shattered to me

And that says a lot for a 3.5

And someone who can master foreign speech

But the dumbest of the dumb

Don't get any wiser

If with their real selves they can't relate

So the next time you think

That your knowledge of my past or my heritage

Makes you some greater human being

Get a grip and catch yourself

Because the real ALWAYS out live the fake!