They make fun of feelings

The emotions that I always hold

And everyday I walk ashamed

Because people say, it's something new

Love is more that me and you

Because we're fags

Because we're queer

Love is a political motion

Forbidden because of religion

And they laugh because it's wrong

But they say that love is right

And I feel just like you

Because I am human too

So if you hate, I hope you pray

Because if God exists, he doesn't hate

And if Satan hates, then hell is great

To every homophobe and Christian

Who say that they are politicians

And try to stop us from loving

Because loving is what hypocrites are preaching

For every fag, dyke, and queer

For everyone who ever feared

Know that this, right here is wrong

Say something before we're gone

Because I love I won't be ashamed

That resolution I make today

For every bi, trans, or gay

Hold your head up for us

Never be afraid of being

Even though they laugh at seeing

Two men or two women happy

I'm happy because you are having

The time of your life

With the sexual partner of your choice

And if someone ever

Laughs or hates

Know that no one

Stands in our way

Because we are the greatest

The strongest and wisest

We aren't afraid

Of being different

And there are more than you would know

So be prouder, you're not alone