take away the M and you have LIElight

Nudity would feel more decent

Because you plucked little strands of dreamwhispersIlovedyou

Out of my bare, exposed chest

I think you would call it a heart

But what is a heart that has long died of humility?

Nothing but blood and gore

Of long lost fairy tales

And you cut my story short

You carved the magic and lure from it

And left a shell of mismatched poetry

I think you would call it a success

But what is success without jubilee?

It is the feeling you endure when you realize

That you just took the heart (still beating, mind you)

From someone's soul

And took the victory (still sweet in my mouth)

From a wisher

You exploited me

And neither of us profited

You ripped the life from me

And you are no more alive than before

You are left with the knowledge

That you murdered a poet

And darling,

That is the worst crime I've ever heard of.