the fallacy,
the game
- the lie.
The new, hateful eyes,
the cold world view:
Say lesson learned,
a new skill set
(and you said I wouldn't learn).
To act without emotion,
to breath without feeling,
to live without being hurt.
(cold, isn't it?)
It's a hard fall,
a fast fall,
a needed fall,
makes you real.
But sets you up,
sets you in stone.
(I doubt you're real now).
the word grows cold,
a foreign idea,
- an ideal –
Like everything that glitters,
it fades.
A mythic cover to wrap lies.
Why curl up in it?
Told to,
expected to,
taught to;
old lesson, new teacher,
a new trick.
(And I didn't think you had talent).
This joke's not funny,
these words don't fly,
it's cold, hard.


Based on a friend's situation.