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Chapter One

-----Eli's POV-----

The senior trip happened every year at my school, East Pasadena Highschool, located in southern California. All year the seniors waited for the end of the year for their trip.The trip changes every year it's been almost all over the U.S. This year we were going to Azul Island. The island was a two day trip off the coast into the Pacific Ocean. On the island was a hotel that had almost everything to keep all the seniors preoccupied. Right now we were aboard a boat called Blood Rose, with a captain named Shawn. He seemed a little weird, but he's the only one who would take 145 seniors to a hard to find island. There was supposed to be a lot more seniors coming, but some didn't have to grades or money.

We had just left the docks, all of us aboard the enormous ship. I walked on the deck looking out into the clear blue water. I could clearly see all the coral and fish swim around.

" Eli!" I heard someone shout behind me. I turned and saw my best friend Kyler Peters running towards me. Her long blonde hair flew behind her as she ran towards me, her dark brown eyes glowing.

" Hey Kyler, " I greeted as she hugged me tightly.

" Hi. You were suppost to meet me in my room, member?" Kyler questioned me.

" Yeah about that I couldn't find your room, " I admitted.

" Yeah whatever. Anyways I can't believe were going to Azul Island, I'm so excited!" Kyler jumped up in the air.

" Yeah me too, " I was excited to be going to a secluded island, but I'd rather be going by myself or with close friends than with 144 other people. Kyler kept chatting, but I wasn't paying attention. My eyes wondered over all the other people on the deck. The first person I saw was Gavin Presley. I hated him. In the middle of junior year Kyler had went out on a date with him. He said they fucked, she didn't. Soon it was around the entire school that she was the biggest slut in the school and any guy could get with her like that. It sent Kyler into a depression, getting called a slut or whore or bust down, everybody was against her, except me. Since I was the only one on her side, this made people start talking about me. Guilty by association I guess. And all this was because of Gavin Presley. The one person in the school I hated.

" Whatcha lookin' at?" Kyler turned to look at whatever I was looking at. She looked for a minute then, saw what I was focused on.

" I hate him, " I muttered.

" So do I, " Kyler's voice changed from bubbly to angry. Before I could say something Gavin looked over at us both. I met his cold emerald eyes, before I shifted my sight.

" I have to go the bathroom. I'll meet you up here later, " I began to walk to the stairs. As I walked I saw Mr. Freidman coming up the stairs with a clipboard, probably going to taking role call. I'll just find him later and have him check my name, because now I have to pee!

There was hardly anyone down in the cabin area, most people wanted to be upstairs, girls wanting a tan and guys wanting to see the girls tanning. I made my way through the hallways looking for the the bathroom. After five minutes of looking, I finally found it. I knocked a couple times, there was no answer so I opened it. Smoke came out and filled my nostrils, I hated the smell of smoke. I looked into the small bathroom and saw who was smoking.

" I'm in here, " Gavin snapped, he was sitting on the sink with his feet on the toilet, ciggerette in hand.

" There's no smoking in the cabin, why don't you go smoke upstairs?" I asked giving him a mean look.

" Because I don't want too. Why do you care?" He ran a hand through his dark brown hair and took a drag of his cancer stick.

" I care because I have to pee and this is the first bathroom I
could find, " I said and he blew smoke in my face.

" Well this bathroom is occupied at the moment so go find another one, " his green eyes got wide.

" Can't you just go smoke somewhere else?" I wasn't trying to fight with this prick.

" Sorry I like to smoke in private, " a smirked came to Gavin's face as he continued to smoke.

" Fucking stupid prick, " I muttered under my breath and slammed the door.

The door got shoved opened and Gavin exclaimed, " What the hell did you just say?"

I turned around and shouted, " Fucking stupid prick!"

" You better watch yourself Eli. You might wanna watch your slutty ass friend..what's her name Kyler. You know she might catch something fucking all those people, " Gavin flicked his cigerette at me.

" Fuck you!" I yelled as I walk into the bathroom.

-----Gavin's POV-----

The Senior Trip. The fucking Senior Trip! I really didn't want to come, but of course, my fucking mom made me. "Oh, honey! You should go! You may never get to go again!" I came. As soon as I stepped foot on this damn thing, I wanted off. I had girls fawning over me. "Oh, Gavin! It really sucks that you couldn't play football this year!" or, "I can't believe your leg healed wrong! You should sue!" and of course, there was always, "Oh, Gavin! Please! I want you, please, fuck me now!"

And that's how I got my reputation of the school male-slut. Not that it isn't true, but why do they brag about it? Yes, I had been with three-fourths of the female population occupying my school and half of the male. It didn't matter to me. Sex was sex. Head was head. Nothing to it. I snapped myself out of my reverie when I felt eyes lock onto me. Looking up, I saw a pair of mismatched eyes. Eli Patton. The freak with the mismatched eyes. Honestly, who has one perfectly light brown eye and one perfectly clear blue? That's just weird!

Eli was standing with his whore. Kyler. I think that was her name. I'm not all that sure. We went out once, I wanted a fuck; she wanted a 'relationship'. Whatever that means. I told my friends we fucked. I mean, come on, what was I supposed to do? Kyler was one of the most fuckable girls in the school. She had the reputation of a virgin. Now she was known as the slut. Pretty soon, every guy in school said they had fucked her. Poor girl. Well, that's what you get for turning me down. I always get what, and who, I want. That little bitch wasn't about to stop me. So, it was either rape her, or lie about it. I chose the latter. I'm not the kind of guy to fuck someone who didn't want it. That's just low, even by my standards.

I made my way through the one hundred some odd students and down to the cabins. I needed to find a secluded space. All that thinking made me crave a cigarette. I walked along the rooms and found a bathroom. I hopped up on the sink and rested my feet on the toilet as I lit up. "Ahh, sweet nicotine!" There was a knock at the door, "Fuck!" I muttered softly. The door opened.

Eli, aww, how sweet of you to join me! "I'm in here." I snapped as soon as he saw me.

" There's no smoking in the cabin, why don't you go smoke upstairs?" he asked with a pathetic attempt at a glare.
" Because I don't want too. Why do you care?" I took another drag and ran my hand through my hair. 'Hello! Leave me alone. I'm in serious need of nicotine here!'
" I care because I have to pee and this is the first bathroom I could find, " And I care why? I blew smoke in his face. Childish, I know.
"Well this bathroom is occupied at the moment, so go find another one, " I think there's one down the hall, actually. Is that anger I see in your eyes?
" Can't you just go smoke somewhere else?" No.
" Sorry I like to smoke in private, " His face fell. I could tell he was pretty pissed.
" Fucking stupid prick, " Huh?
" What the hell did you just say?" I jumped from my place on the sink. No, seriously, what did you say?
He turned around to face me, " Fucking stupid prick!"
" You better watch yourself Eli. You might wanna watch your slutty ass friend..what's her name Kyler. You know, she might catch something fucking all those people, " Ooh, I think that might have hit a soft spot. I flicked my ashes on him
" Fuck you!" Did he just throw me out of the bathroom?

I walked back onto the deck. Everyone was catching the last few rays of sun. The first day on this damn thing really did fly by. Maybe tomorrow wouldn't be so bad. Maybe I could get some ass. Who do I want? Male or female? Eh, dosen't matter. As I said earlier, sex is sex. I'm not to picky. What did Mr. Freidman say? Who wasn't called for what? Oh well, probably dosen't concern me. Wow. I'm tired. I think I might head to bed. Where was my cabin again? Oh yeah.

I walked down to the cabin again and found my room, Two. Not very difficult, but I suffer from memory loss. Well, I really just don't pay attention. I found out my own thoughts are much more entertaining. Plus, they don't get me in trouble, because nobody can hear them. I chuckled as I entered my room and changed into my flannel pants. I slept shirtless. I fell into a barely above unconcious sleep. Sleep is good.

-----Eli's POV-----

Day two of the Blood Rose. I was completly bored, most people think ' Oh yah! I wanna go on a cruise! Blah blah.' No. It's not like anything on the commercials. There's nothing to do, but sit or walk on deck. And at night when your trying to sleep the ship's all swaying back and forth, back and forth......it's horrible. I awoke around ten o'clock, then bright sun shining directly into my circle window. I looked up at the bed above me. I was sharing a room with Braydon Wilson, a quiet kid with glasses. So he didn't supply much conversation.

I sleepily stood up, the boat swayed madly almost making me sick. I made my wy across the small room and entered the tiny bathroom. The bathroom consisted of a small shower, sink, mirror, and toilet. I leaned against the sink and looked into the mirror. I saw my own mismatched eyes. When I was younger I hated them, I thought I looked like a freak. But as I grew up, I kinda started to like them. It's what makes a person unique. My light brown hair was a mess as usual in the mornings. I stripped my shirt off and examined my body. I had a very toned body. My muscles weren't very noticable, but I knew they were there. But you could see that I had a slight six pack going on. It's from being on the swim team for two years.

I continued undressing and took a quick shower. After brushing my teeth, fixing my hair, and dressing I made my way out of the cabin. Once on the deck the sun greeted my skin, making me warm. I saw Kyler sitting on chair under an umbrella reading a book. She looked like a person who barely talked and when they did barely said a thing, but she was the exact opposite.

" Hey, " I greeted her as I sat down.

" Hiya!" She exclaimed a smile spread across her face as she shut her book.

" I hate this boat, " I moaned and rested my head on my hand.

" Oh c'mon Eli! Look at the scenery, " she motioned out towards the ocean. I looked out to where she motioned and saw the clear blue water. That was the only good thing about the trip so far. As I looked out someone blocked my view. I couldn't see their face, but I knew right away who it was. Gavin Presley's back faced Kyler and I, he was about three feet away from the table we say at. He raised his arms up and stretched catlike. I looked at Kyler who stared blankly at him. Did she still like him? If she did her and I would have to have a talk about that.

" Hi, " I heard Gavin say. I hadn't realized that he'd turned around.

" What do you want?" I spat out.

Gavin walked over to our table so he towered over the both of us, " I was just wonderin' somethin."

" I don't care. Whatever it is go ask someone else, " I wanted to get up and walk away, but he was blocking my exit.

" No you see this matter has to do with you two, " he leaned in real close to my face, " I was wonderin it you gave as good head as your slutty friend here?" Gavin leaned back with a smirk on face. My first instict was to hit this bastard, I jumped up from the table about to swing, but Kyler grabbed my arm.

" Just let it go, he's not worth it, " she had a sad look on her face as she spoke.

" Fine, " I managed to say and slowly sat down.

" Yeah Eli listen to your whore, " the smirk stayed on his face as he said that. He stood there for a couple more minutes then decided to leave.

" Is he gone?" Kyler's voice squeeked.

" Yeah, " I soemnly told her. Kyler held her face into her hands and began to cry. I know that thinking about all that shit, made her break down. That's why we both try to stay awake from Gavin. I hate that stupid fucker!

-----Gavin's POV-----

"Gavin! Get your lazy ass up!" What the hell is wrong with people? How can they get up before noon. That is so not natural.
"Shut. The. Fuck. Up, Tristan." I spoke slowly, but dangerously, into my pillow.
"Good morning to you too, sunshine!" my blond friend replied sarcastically.
"Yeah, yeah. Get the hell out of my way. I'm in serious need of a shower!" I got up and pushed my way into the cramped bathroom. Why is it that I got a room underwater when the Freak got one that was basically on Deck? I showered quickly and made my way into the to bright sunshine.

I walked for a few seconds and stopped to stretch. I lifted my hands way ablove my head and felt my shirt ride up a few inches. Whoever was behind me suddenly stopped talking. Hmm, who could that be? I turned around and saw them. Kyler and Eli.

"Hi, " I spoke cheerfully.
" What do you want?" Eli sure is a fiesty one!
I walked over to their table and stood in front of it, " I was just wonderin' somethin."
" I don't care. Whatever it is go ask someone else, " Oh, come on! Surely you want to know! You don't? To bad!
" No, you see this matter has to do with you two, " I leaned against the table and brought my face close to Eli's, " I was wonderin if you gave as good head as your slutty friend here." I smirked. Oh, this is to good! Eli looked like he was about to punch my lights out. I think he could hit pretty hard. I really don't want to find out.
" Just let it go, he's not worth it, " Kyler had just saved me from being the recieving end of Eli's rage. Thanks. Of course, I'll never say that out loud.
" Fine, " I'm disapointed in you, Eli. I figured you wouldn't back down from that. Huh, maybe Kyler is a whore and you're the one she's fuckin'.
" Yeah Eli listen to your whore, " I can be so mean. I just can't help it. People give me the perfect openings to say the meanest things. Would you pass up the opportunity? I thought not. I walked away from the two and began to search for food. I was starving. I hadn't eaten anything since before I got on the boat yesterday.

I found the small dining area and began to pig out. God, this food is tasty! I bet Eli tastes better though. Whoa! Hold up, reverse, and just stop! Where the hell did that come from?! I mean, yeah. The boy's sexy and all, but he's so damn annoying. All self-righteous and shit. Gimme a break! Gimme a break! Break me off a piece of that Kit-Kat bar! Okay, Gavin. Focus. No wandering thoughts. You get sidetracked. Since when do I want Eli? Must be cause I'm so fucking horny. Yeah, that had to be it. I, mean, I hate the damn kid. He hates me. Maybe thats why I want him. A challenge? Yeah, that had to be it. When are we going to get to this damn island? I'm getting sea-sick.
----------Eli's POV-----------

For the rest of the day Kyler and I, just focused on finding something to do. We decided to just sit on deck and play cards. ALL DAY! Have you ever played cards all day, after about an hour it gets boring. Try playing cards for seven hours.

" Hit me, " I said boredly to Kyler. She handed me a card, she looked bored to.

" I have eighteen, " she said and tossed her cards on the table.

" Twenty, " I told her, " we have to find something else to do this shit is boring."

" It's around six o' clock, " Kyler checked her watched. Our of the corner of my eye I saw Mr. Freidman walking quickly towards us.

" Hurry up and gather your things we've spotted the island, " he spoke very fast, then quickly continued on his way of informing all the students on deck.

" C'mon! Meet me back up here okay, " Kyler jumped up from the table and ran to the stairs. Wow she is way to peppy. I slowly rose from my seat and stretched as a loud yawn escaped my mouth. While I was stretching someone walking ran directly into me, almost knocking me over.

" Watch where your goin', " I snapped as I caught myself.

" You watch where your goin', " a familiar deep voice said behind me.

" Gavin, " I spat out his name as I turned to face him.

" What?" he asked innocently.

I wanted to say something along the lines of ' You're a stupid fucking bitch ass motherfucking bastard bitch!' But I just glared at him.

" Have you gave it a thought?" he asked from no where.

" Huh? Given what a thought?" he was really pissing me off.

" Of what I asked you earlier. Do you give as good head as you friend?" once again that arrogant smirk spread across his face making anger build up inside me.

" Shut the fuck up, " I gritted through my teeth. I wanted to fucking hit this prick so bad.

" Hey it's just a question, " he held up his hands defensively.

" Just leave Kyler alone Gavin. I don't care if you insist on messin with me, but leave her alone."

" Aww. Bitch gotta save his whore. So cute, " Gavin mocked then walked away slowly. Everything in my body was telling me to run after him, tackle him, and start to beat the shit out of him. I managed to control myself, I wasn't going to let him mess up my entire trip. After about three minutes of calming myself down I made my way to my cabin. Braydon was already inside packing his things.

" Hey, " I greeted. He quickly waved his hand and continued packing. Alright then we won't talk, again. I started gathering all my things clothes, deodorant, toothbrush, junk food I had brought along ( I didn't know what type of food they would have at the hotel so I just brought some of my own). I finally got all my things together and dragged them up to the deck.

Everybody was on the deck all 145 students and 10 teachers cramped together.

" OKAY EVERYONE BE QUIET!" Mrs. Birch shouted over all the chatter her face look red, so she must have been trying to get everyone's attention for a while. " SHUTUP!! " Soon all the seniors got quiet, so we could get off this damn boat.

" There's small boats attached to the side of the ship. They can fit exactly fifteen with all their belongings, so will everyone calmly head towards them now, " Mr. Freidman informed the seniors.

" ICEBERG!" a random voice yelled from the crowd making people laugh. I strained to look over the crowd and find Kyler, but failed. We would just have to meet in the hotel. The entire class made it off the boat with only one person falling into the water, I don't know if the guy actually "fell". On the island everything looked exotic: the sand, the trees, everything. We all stood on the beach holding our bags. Soon people started to get restless, they wanted to go to the hotel.

" The hotel is located in the middle of the island so we have to hike. It makes it feel more adventurous, " Mr. Freiman shouted over everyone. Groans came from the crowd, but the senior class followed the teachers. I decided to go to the back of the line, maybe Kyler would think the same thing. Of course she didn't. I was the last person in line some chick I didn't know was in front of me, she began to whistle an annoying song. As we got deeper into the forest, I saw someone walking the wrong way he was coming towards the end of the line.

His expression changed when he saw me, mine must have changed too. Gavin came walking towards me at the end of the line, the girl in front of me stopped whistling and stared at him as he went past.

" Hey Eli, " Gavin stopped me and leaned close to me, he was carrying some sort of case, " I'm gonna go somewhere in the forest to smoke, if you decide you want to answer my question come find me." Before I could say anymore he turned off the trail and went to the brush.
------------Gavin's POV-----------
I was walking along the deck when I ran into something hard.
"Watch where your goin', " Ahh, Eli.
" You watch where your goin', " Eh, I couldn't think of anything better to say.
" Gavin, " Hey now, be nice!
" What?" I did abosolutely nothing wrong...
Can you not think of anything to say? Come on, just say it! I know you want to! I'll give you a cookie!
" Have you gave it a thought?" the poor boy had no idea what I was talking about.
" Huh? Givin what a thought?" I know you're smarter than that, Eli!
" Of what I asked you earlier. Do you give as good head as you friend?" I couldn't help but smirk when he tensed. It was to funny.
" Shut the fuck up, " You really get pissed easily.
" Hey it's just a question, " I held up my hands in mock defense.
" Just leave Kyler alone Gavin. I don't care if you insist on messin with me, but leave her alone." Uhm, alright?
" Aww. Bitch gotta save his whore. So cute, " I left.

I saw Mr. Freidman making his way around the deck, telling students to get their things. I left and got all of my stuff. Shampoo, hair gel, deodorent, clothes, snacks, and bottled water. My mom always told me that if I went to Mexico to not drink the water. I have no idea where this island is, but I'm not taking any chances. I brought a case of Dasani. I made my way back up to the deck.

" OKAY EVERYONE BE QUIET!" Mrs. Birch yelled. She was probably screaming for a while. I really had no idea. " SHUTUP!! " What crawled up her ass and died? Finally, the damn seniors shut the fuck up, now we could get off this contraption from hell.

" There's small boats attached to the side of the ship. They can fit exactly fifteen with all their belongings, so will everyone calmly head towards them now, " Mr. Freidman said to everyone who was listening.

"ICEBERG!" I yelled. It seemed to fit. A few people laughed, at least they thought it was funny...

" The hotel is located in the middle of the island so we have to hike. It makes it feel more adventurous, " Mr. Freiman shouted over the chatter. I so do not do hiking!

I was walking somewhere in the middle of the group when I began to linger behind. I was in serious need of a cigarette. Fucking habit! Oh, yay! There's Eli. Hmm, how mad can I make him? " Hey Eli, " I stopped and leaned in, he noticed my water case but didn't say anything, "I'm gonna go somewhere in the forest to smoke, if you decide you want to answer my question come find me." I walked off the trail and into the brush. Ahh, footsteps. He followed.

"Why in the hell do you keep tormenting me?" Oh, Eli. Are you that naive?
"I'm not tormenting you. I'm waiting for your reply. Do you give good head?" I asked as I tilted my head thoughtfully.
"Eww. I've never givin head. That's just, eww." Eli made a face and I couldn't hold in the laughter.
"Has a chick ever sucked you off?"
"Of course!" Yeah right, Eli. You answered that just a little too quickly.
"I see. Now, if you have no problem with a female sucking you, then why would it gross you out to do it?" Ooh! I know! Because he isn't gay!
"Because, I'm not gay." Ding, ding, ding! Point for Gavin.
"Yeah, but still. If you can let a chick do it...." I trailed off, unsure of how to finish my sentence, "Basically, you can't knock it, til you try it."
"Eww! Oh god! Gross! You've done it! Ahh! I wil forever have that image burned into my brain!"
"Yep. Store it away for a rainy day. Never know when you'll need good jerk off material. Slurp!"
"Gross. I'm leaving."
"Doubt you'll find the group. We've been back here for thirty minutes." I stated simply. How hard can it be to find a hotel on an island?
"Shit!" Run, Eli, run! Might as well follow. I do need to find the group.

Once I caught up with Eli, I was completely winded. Yeah, definitely need to quit smoking! "So, where's the group?" Why is he looking out at the water? I turned my head to see. "Oh, shit." I saw the boat leaving. A good one hundred people were on the deck. Where were they going? Why aren't they turning around?

The boat got further and further away, until it was only a speck. The fucking boat just left us on this fucking island! Someone will fucking pay for this fucking shit! God! What the fuck were they fucking thinking! Don't they fucking know if someone isn't on a fucking boat! I turned to Eli, "This is all your fault!" I stormed back into the forest area. FUCK!


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