Anyone But Me

Your screams are not heard by

Anyone but me.

Your invisible tears are not seen by

Anyone but me.

I and only I am the one that looks

And actually sees

I and only I am the one who hears

And actually listens.

Yet you don't hear me

You don't see me

You can't see the streams that

I've made because of you.

My eyes shine for you

Your eyes betray me

My smile is only for you

Yours is for anyone passing by.

Don't you know?

Can't you see? Am I so good an

Actress you don't see what I am?

Who I am when I'm near you?

You can't know because you

Choose not to and this is what

Slays me. That is the knife, the

Gun, the noose.

Give me time and I will still be in

The same place

Give me space and I will make it


My world has a life

Separate from you, but I find myself

Sucking you in, pulling at your

Essence. The depth of this is

Frightening. These words are very

Strong for a young age,

But by thinking intensely,

Doesn't my soul become wise?

By always questioning, do I

Become unhappy? I'd rather

Die than loose my questions -

I'll always look for the answers

But they are hidden. Hidden beneath

Lies, deceptions, false truths. By

Telling the truth, chaos would ensue.

By telling lies, stupid people are


There are no absolutes and I

Absolutely agree, but if there are

None, what gives us hope?

What makes the universe continue

Spinning, faster and faster?

You blind spot starts with me.

My questions start with you.

I know you can talk to

Anyone but me. Why do I make you

Awkward? Is it because you think

You know what's to come? That

What I offer isn't what you ordered?

I'm sorry I'm not Scotland or Peppy, but

I am what I am. I know you won't

Choose me.

I know you would make someone


I know you could make someone


I know you should choose someone


So basically,

Anyone but me.