Inspired to the moon and the spellbinding beauty it still seems to possess, even after so many years of gazing on it.

The Moon

the moon
full and bright

shines with
an ethereal light

so high
in the sky

a jewel
laid in wait

the moon:

what secrets
does your subtle
light hide?

what hidden
monsters lie
in wait?

alas, your
beauty hides
from our propaganda
behind a passing cloud
like a celebrity hides
in a crowd

but, it was
not to be
for you
emerge again
and grace us
with your
glorious presence
once more

we gasp
and ooh
and aah
for ages

but we can
never see
the truth
behind the
pretty show

we can never
fully grasp
that our
beloved moon
harbors a dark secret

one longing to
be revealed

for no one
and nothing
is perfect
and that's the way
it must be

but, for now,
we sit and
watch our moon

because sometimes,
secrets don't matter