I Don't Care What You Think


Gosh! What is up with these people

who tell me my writing is horrible

and insist I should look in the mirror

before I continue my reign of terror?


"Your rhymes are forced," they say,

"and your poems are way, way nay."

But I know these people are wrong;

I have style and talent all along.


My poems are unique and very deep.

Of course; I write them as I'm falling asleep.

When I'm stuck, I visit this very site

whose members inspire me with what they write.


One piece is about love, another fires hate.

Cutting, suicide, loneliness—they all sound great!

In any case, I find angst at every turn,

so I imitate this and that; it's how I learn.


What if my lines sometimes read awkward?

Ah well, they rhyme; let's move on forward.

Doesn't matter if I'm not making sense;

people are free to guess; it adds the suspense.


And rhyming is a popular device indeed;

you'll need to use it if you want to succeed.

And remember as you're writing your poem:

don't ever swallow a Styrofoam.