And Suddenly, I Realized I Was Dead

Complexities on the floor

And gravel in her hair

She had on her best clothing

But no one stopped to stare.

She walked the road alone

And kept her eyes downcast.

She treaded slowly, lightly

Her destination, she had past.

She realized her folly

And turned upon her heel

She crept still slowly forward

One glance upward did she steal.

Her eyes, they reached the sky

And she fell upon the ground

She reached up to call outward

And yet did not make a sound.

She lie there unattended

And townsfolk passed her by

Then she began to worry,

"Is it my time to die?"

She lay there until nightfall

The Sun was fleeing fast

She stood up and she realized

Her mortality had since past.

The ghost, she sped on forward

Keeping out of sight

And she disappeared completely

To her grave within the night.