My cousin Danny, I love him so,

He's like a brother to me.

When I was sick, his blood I shared,

Type O.

He used to have these chubby cheeks,

And a dog named after me.

We are both preceded by sisters,


We share a spot in our family,

Youngest kid of middle children.

We smiled and laughed


I call him cousin, but he shies away,

I think he is afraid.

I drive him home, he grips the seat.

I think he is afraid.

We always talk; we used to sing,

He watched Jungle Book in my basement.

We played table tennis,


I burned a pot of Macaroni,

We were playing Mario Cart.

He always beat me at video games,

Little phony.

My cousin Danny, I love him so.

But the irony is, he's not my cousin at all.