remember the days where it was all
sun, water and pink lemonade
with our superman smiles
ready to conquer the world?

(and those summer bonnets on our heads
mind full of dreams, and hearts filled with love.)

do you remember the time
when we would lock the door
and play air guitar on your bed
and go 'on tour' around the neighborhood?

(belting out the blues about our childhood angst
of daily baths and eight o'clock curfew.)

do you remember right before the fall dance
purchasing drugstore red lipstick
and taking a gazillion pictures
while pretending to be famous?

(movie star smiles with the mother load of braces
and practicing our autographs, dotted with hearts.)

and remember the time you got your first kiss
from the redhead in your art class
and you ran all the way to the second floor
happy hysterical and out of breath?

(telling me and a room full of strangers
that you were no longer a virgin.)

and remember the second right after
when the principal walked by
and thought you meant-
and you got sent to the office?

(and he told you all about the honey and the bees
while you tried to keep a straight face.)

and remember when we both went to the beach
and made seashell bracelets and wished on starfish
as the sun started to set as we wished for our miracles.
about you and your romance and me and my song

(and forgetting all of that a second later
when the lifeguard smiled our way.)

and remember the first time we stole the white wine
from my kitchen, red faced and hiccupping
as we watched foreign films
while our eyes skimmed the subtitles?

(and stopping it just before the fourth French kiss
and had a Disney marathon.)

and remember the day when you got your first heartbreak
vowing to never fall for the skater boys
as you holed up in your room with miss independent
blaring out the speakers as you cried for two nights

(we talked on the phone for a whole day even though
we were only windows apart.)

and remember the day I got past my stage fright
as you grinned and showed me the school paper
with me on the front and the figures at the bottom
as we both laughed and cried

(I tried on those ruby slippers every night that week
clicking the heels back to my one starlit moment.)

and remember when I made the valedictorian speech
and it was all about you you you
about all those years
and how they skipped the B

(and went from A to C when they handed out the diplomas
because you decided to go on our road trip)

a little bit early.

and I remember how I rushed to your house that day
and found that you had taken a vacation in the bathroom
from this world to the next
and how I broke down beside you

(clinging to the chain around your neck and
breathing in plastic Hawaiian flowers drenched in red)

and Iā€¦remember that day
they buried your body down to the ground
as I cried summer tears
filled with sun, water, and pink lemonade

(with a veil over my face
and seashells on my wrist)

still too choked up on memories to say goodbye.