That guy who brushes against you a certain way at a party

That girl whose clothes practically scream for you to take her

And they invite you in


All those things you can never get enough of

All those things you think you need

And they pull you close


That girl who has the guy you want

That guy who's dating your ex-girlfriend

And you decide to stay and watch


The day you couldn't take it anymore

The day you blamed all your problems on them

And they push you away


You can't let them see you like this

You can't let them see you fall

And you want to stay close to them


It's too much effort to regain their trust

It's too much effort to climb back up to the top

And you don't care if you're close or not


After awhile, you want it all back

After awhile, you think you can't live without it

And yet...

They welcome you back.