High School Lilies
By Lady Glass

Someone once told me,
"Once upon a time"
That in high school
The lilies fell from the sky

That the girls were all beautiful
That the boys never teased
That I would be one of them
That I would be me

Someone once told me
"Once upon a time"
High school had people
Like the girls and the boys

But the girls are not beautiful
And the boys all still tease
Everyday I see
Nothing has changed

So that someone who told me
"Once upon a time"
That someone lied to me
But that someone has died

So the lilies will fall
From cemetery skies
And the high school remains
Dripping with lies

Author's Note: Sorry, I know this isn't my usual stuff, but I just wrote this on a whim the other day and I decided to post it even though I know I can do much better than this.

Much love,
Lady Glass