You said things to me as if you knew me

As if, you were better than me

Well, you were wrong

Who were you to judge me?

By appearance alone

There is so much more to me than that

"You're fat and ugly"

Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I'm sorry, you were too blind to see that

"You have buck teeth"

Your teeth weren't that much nicer

Than mine

I'm sorry that you judge me based

On something trivial like that

"Four eyes."

All I got to say is:

I can see a whole lot better than you can

I'm sorry that you didn't understand

My phobia of contact lenses

"You're stupid."

How can that be?

When I have better grades than you?

"Teacher's Pet"

It's always good to be

On the teachers side.

I'm sorry you wanted to alienate yourself like that

"You dress funny."

I'm sorry I didn't like to dress like a Barbie doll

And for having my own style

"You're just plain weird"

I like to be different

I'm sorry that you were too jealous

Or self conscious

Or whatever you were

To see what was right in front of you

I'm sorry you couldn't accept me for me

I'm sorry if you couldn't see the me inside

I'm sorry you were too busy being superficial

And judgmental

To notice

The true me.