he smells like honeysuckle flowers and bee's wax in the summer
dripping from freshly dipped fingers,
straight into the jar
like strawberry jam and sliced peaches
juices on chins,
glossy dark lips

he smells like endless ocean when it says hello to powder blue sky
yin and yang horizon line
the curve of the world

he smells like the hundred acre wood,
thick musk swimming in your nose
natural, wild, free
man in paris,
man in the forest,
tarzan in the jungle

he smells like under the covers
the smell of two becoming one,
big hand, little hand
his hand, my hand
neck, shoulders, knees, eyes
lips brushing,
stroking the canvas

he smells like a man
the smell of a man on a boy
like fresh air once you've left the city
like outside air after dancing for hours
like natural perfection
swelling as you draw nearer,
resting your chin on his shoulder
or glancing at him in class
it's -
you know
you can smell it
so you best breathe it in baby

(make it last before he
puts on axe)