A Boy Named Goodbye

By: Alysha-Lyn

The fragile creature walked amongst the concrete.

Cemeteries always felt warmer than homelands
And who would question such a saddened child
Who's parents despised him so much that the
Only thing ever said to him was "Goodbye".

He never spoke to anyone after that
Save for the silent corpses who said nothing.
The only relief he held was knowing that they
Could never tell him "goodbye" but only
Would throw rigid arms about him in welcome
On the day he passed into the heavens.

On the day that he was ready to pass into
Those sweet, silent creatures' arms forever
The angel at the gates stared at him blankly
Asking for what the boy's name was
But he couldn't answer such a question.

He didn't know his name.
No one had said it before.

The angel, staring coldly, shook his head then
Turning through the pages of his book while muttering.
When the boy opened his mouth to ask why he
Could even entire the heavens
The angel merely held his hand up,
Saying the one word the boy hated.