Sick of crying

Sick of lying

Sick of trying

This life is just too much to bare all alone

These wounds just won't stop bleeding

These eyes cry a never-ending river of tears

All I want is an overdose

A gunshot wound to the head

Leave me on the floor

To slowly die

I'm already dead on the inside

I can't stop the bleeding

I'm drowning in my sickness

I cannot breathe

I cannot take this anymore

What you are doing to me

It just isn't right

The verbal abuse

It feels like you are taking a knife

And stabbing my soul, my heart

Over and over again

Then, you leave me to bleed

You leave me to die

Do I matter at all to you?

My never-ending flow

Of blood and tears

Can you not see the scars?

The reflect what you have done

Because of you I hate myself

Because of you I want to die

I hate what you do to me inside

I hate loving you

And I will never forgive myself for falling for you

And when I die

My last thought will be of you

I will always love you

Even in death

And it kills me everyday

A/n: Meh, I know it sucks and is sort-of cliche or however it's spelled but I was miserable last week and this is how I really felt, hope you liked.