My Real Self

I cry silently.

I'm in pain inside.

I cry secretly,

Away from the ones I call my friends.

Nothing can express my pain and sorrow.

I sit by myself,

To avoid the stares from the others.

I sit by myself,

To avoid the muttering and glares from the others.

I sit by myself,

Because that was how I was labeled.

I am alone

Because I don't want my friends to get hurt.

I am alone

So my friends won't worry.

Nothing can compare to my pain.

I cry in the middle of the night.

I force a smile in front of you.

I laugh a force laugh.

I joke around and smile painfully as you laugh at them.

I try to smile even when my heart feels sad.

I act loud so people won't think something's wrong with me.

All the things I do are to mask my real self that lies

Deep in my soul.

I hide myself from you.

I hide my pain.

I hide my real self so you may never see me for who I really am.

The real me.

The part who is sad, lonely, and in pain.

Ever since she was young.

I hide....

Because I can.

A/N: I got this poem idea from Because of You on Destiny's myspace. And from some angsty stories on fanfiction. -sighs- I have to start writing something other than angsty and tragedy poems...... I get my ideas from strange ways......