There is a dark side of me

That you will never know

A side of me

That always ceases to show

And it's growing stronger everyday

It reminds me of this figure I see

Every time I hallucinate

It's engulfed in darkness, tall, all black and flames

I think it's coming for me

I always knew I was different

That something was not right

I always doubted my faith

And I always asked why

Until I met him

I finally know the truth

And I'm not sure if I want to go back to all the lies

The dark side

I know it's coming for me

It's been inside my soul for so long

It's ready to be released

It's locking my good side away

And my good side is fading away

More and more everyday

And I'm about to give in

My dark side is taking over me

Why were you not there God?

Why God why?

I called out to you

I prayed to you every night

You are supposed to be by all your children

Was it because I was different?

Why could I not be like everyone else?

They say you make everyone

Just the way you want them to be

But in all honesty, I think you made a mistake on me

Good Christians don't have an obsession with morbid things

Good Christians don't pray to you

Hoping that they will die that day

They don't hate people

And pray and hope their enemies die

God I felt like you ignored me

Everything is going so wrong

And nothing is going right

It's like you are out to get me

I have tried to hard to be accepted in your eyes

But I know

With my dark side

I cannot

Please forgive me

I feel like I have let my dark side win the battle

The dark side

It's here for me

It's taking over me

Love is turning to hate

Sorrow is turning to anger

There is nothing I can do

You forgot me so long ago

Is this want you wanted?

I would give anything


For you to accept me again

A/n: This is my personal song to God. You like it that's great, you don't I don't care. This song is very personal to me, most likely the most personal song I've written in a long time, please review.