I really hate doing author's notes, especially on an already complete story. I know whenever a story I love gets an update, I think that the author has added another exciting chapter and I am slightly disappointed to see it's an author's note. That being said, sorry, but this is just an author's note. On the other hand, this is a huge thank you to everyone's who read and reviewed In the Shadow of Obsidian Empire. I really appreciate all the praise and the criticism.

Also, I just wanted to share some exciting news with everyone. I just found out that In the Shadow of Obsidian Empire has been nominated for Round 6 in the Some Kind of Wonderful Awards in the category of Best Het (Complete). Needless to say I am totally blown away. I want to thank whoever nominated me, because it really is an honour. You have put a huge smile on my face. I encourage everyone to check out the other stories nominated for the SKOW awards and vote come July 12th.

On a side note, I am on my third rewrite of In the Shadow of Obsidian Empire and I am seriously considering posting it on here. I haven't made a decision in that matter, but it's a possibility. In both rewrites I've taken into account some of the criticisms and suggestions I've received here. Also, I've changed and deleted parts that just weren't the greatest and didn't work.

Thanks again to whoever nominated In the Shadow of Obsidian Empire.