Staring from the sky
down on the beautiful earth
I hear that phrase way too often
"You're like a big brother too me"
"It'd be wierd"
And i can't help but chuckle.
I should tell you
I've heard it before
its nothing new
I should tell you
that I'm glad I'm in your life
that You're a beautiful soul
I should tell you that life
isn't what it always seems
and never to forget the cardinal rule
to not judge a book by its cover
though if you have the passion to
spare my dignity somehow
by using the big brother line
instead of turning me down outright
then perhaps maybe you aren't the ice queen you say you are
Who knows?
Who knows where?
Who Goes there?
Dust in the desired vision of the looking glass
You walk through fire without a burn
because you are untouchable,
deep inside, you have a volcano of love and truth
waiting for it to be released
but you keep it hidden.
Your secret is out.
Won't you explode with me tonight?