Shattered Souls


I collect the knife-like, shattered pieces of my soul in this dark abyss. I am floating, yet the pieces are falling...falling out of my hand...out of my grasp...out of place. They fall and so do I. I reach up but brushing against nothing. Not even the air. It is all black and endless. I seem to stop, a vicious tug yet I remain weightless...afloat yet again. No longer am I surrounded by darkness. Below me I see her. She is laughing and smiling and her eyes sparkle but I see through the illusion. She too is in darkness. The worst there is, caused by her own will. A needless, stupid torture she has placed on herself.

The darkness begins to crack and then a deadly sparkle of glass....

I collect the knife-like, shattered pieces of her soul. But then they fall and so do I.

This was a short...uh, thing...I wrote one night before falling asleep. I was bored and really didn't know what I was doing...hehe....I hope you enjoyed it eventhough it was kinda dark. Scary.... o.o

But thanks for reading and an even bigger thanks for reviewing. Later!