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A little background for you and information concerning this story. I have completely wrote this story and it is 66 chapters in all. It is saved back on discettes for an old outdated word processor. So, I do have to retype everything, but the story is there. I wrote this story while I was in college and I came to some wild conclusions about the movies involved in this story, and I had some terrible realizations about myself that I will not go into.

This story is sort of kind of based on the remake of the movie Nosferatu, that came out in 1979. We used to have a theater in the area that ran old movies, foreign movies, and artsy movies. At the time, I saw Nosferatu, I was not so intrigued with it, and it must have stayed on the mind for some time tocome back and bite me (pun intended!), because I told several classes in German and what not. Anyway, one day, this sotry came to mind, so I had to write it, but I misremembered the movie. So, when in doubt, bullshit it! I did a lot of research for this story concerning both versions of Nosferatu and vampires in general. I had a heck of a good time at it, too. There are bits of other Dracula movies and the story Carmilla is thrown in there. Forget all that you know about any of the above, because I am really truely full of it, and most of this made up anyway. Enjoy this story for what it is intended to be, and don't take it too seriously.

Chapter 1: The Confession


"I should start from the beginning. It is no doubt upon hearing of my repentance, you probably wetted your pants or whatever it is you do in Limbo. Misko is not known for feeling regret over his sins. How could I become the creature that I am today. I was quite once quite proud of the name I made for myself and my kind. So what if that opinion has changed time to time. I have never been encouraged to be any other kind of vampire. It is just that, I have my hopes and desires. Oh come, you know me. I have always have been as constant as my name. I have often wondered myself what I would do next. I am certain you have wondered, too. You have seen through the ages. I know! I know! You have come to gain an understanding of my repentance, and I had better appease you.

"Alright, I will tell you. After my return to vampirism in the Sixteenth Century, the revenge of my betrayal kept me from my usual depressions until the late 1780's. So, I went to Florence, Italy, where all good things have happened to me. I decided to wander around town and act like a normal resident, but even though I acted like I belonged, the Florentines knew different. This kind of thing always happens right before I decide to take a tear into humankind. So, I went to one of my favorite haunts and dug out my maps. Employing my normal procedure, I closed my eyes and let my fingers fall where they may. I came up with Weimar, Germany. Well, it was close enough to Weimar. Come, who has ever heard of Mittengen! So, with much plotting, I finally wrote a letter in 1824 to a young fellow, who was familiar with all the paperwork of the time.

"He was a pleasant enough of a fellow. Something about him was quite intriguing. We exchanged letter on my business and some of his personal business. I do not know why anyone would impart to me the specific date of his wedding, but, of course, he really did not know who I was at the time. He certainly did not know my special profession. So, one does not brag about such a profession to a potential victim. Yes, I can see it now, 'Dear sir, I would like to invade you town, kill everyone with the Black Death, and create a small following!'

"I know. Get on with it! Well, the young man came to Florence, and I eagerly met him. He was an even kinder man in person. Even though he was quite nervous of me at first, he kept his composure and his kindness. It is not that I did not give him good reason to think me creepy. I guess, if I had put my mind ot it and tried harder, I could have been much more creepier, but I figured making him a vampire was enough.

"Maybe leaving it at that would have been sufficient nastiness. A few convincing words to him, I would have remained happy with a great decrease in my destructiveness, but my missions of old taunted me onward, and some honest threats from my soon to be vampire companion convinced me that I had to destroy Weimar. The death of his friends and family would make the transition easier than their rejection, and I can be quite creative at making a whole new tale of reality. Anyway, it gave me a good excuse to check out a woman who had come into my dreams. She was quite exceptional, especially since she broke through my vampiric slumber! So, I could follow up on my curiosity, destroy Weimar, and keep my good name!

"Yes, I know, I do not sound very repentant for what I did. I am certain that all your scribbling has to do with the how best and most creative way I should be tortures for the rest of eternity. I am only telling you how I felt at the time, and well, this is the third time I have stood before you. After you have died once, most of the terror is gone. My repentance comes because of this lovely lady. I was not very sorry for what I was doing to Weimar. But, let me continue my story.

"After taking total control of Jonathan's mind, I decided to send him home to cause some destruction of his own. I decided to go in search of this lady, who had the power to break my slumber. Well, as fate had it, as so often she has done to me, my vampire companion and I turned up at the same house. I found out that the woman, that I thought I had waited for since the vision in 1348, had just recently married my companion. After several appropriate Italian curses upon my foul luck, I watched from the shadows to see what would happen to my companion. I made Jonathan be violent and hateful, but she coped with him. With some inventive help, she overcame him. Once unconscious, he was treated in such a gentle manner, that I cannot explain it, but envy was all mine. If I had acted in such a manner to my family, I would not have lived to see the next day. No, I had to find a sneakier way. My dear lady figured that my vampire companion was under some kind of illness, and she was going to tend to him. My family just knew me too well.

"She sat up with him and held his hand. I wanted to cry out to her. I wanted to tell her my pain, and I knew she would have listened. I plotted out so many ways to get my wish, but I could not bear to face her rejection.

"At some point in the night, Jonathan woke. I fought down the efforts to free his mind. I won out and held him still and silent. During his struggles, the dear lady discovered his vampirism. I force him to hiss and spit at her and finally make an attack on her, but he rather ended up unconscious again. His will was quite strong against my control, and a couple of trips and falls and cracks on the head sis knock him out. I should have had him run instead of allowing her to have her discovery. I needed her to hate him, or maybe I needed her to accept the vampirism. I could not let her kill him. Yet, I dragged my feet. I wanted to see her reaction. She stayed away from him for a little while, but she regained her courage. She cautiously moved towards him. She knelt beside him and wept quietly. She brushed the hair from his face and made a vow that she would destroy his inflictor. What would I have done if someone had said the same for me? I know what I am is what I made myself, but I do dream. Taking salt, a weak, but quite effective barrier between human and vampire, she encircled him with it. I could not force him to cross the barrier, but I could still control him. the barrier limited his movements, but it also protected him from the sunlight. She bowed and kissed his forehead.

"I choked. Fear kept me from speaking to her. How could she care so much? How could she defeat the old hatred. I watched her for the rest of the night. When dawn approached, I forced myself back to my resting place.

"Before my slumber, I appeared in Jonathan's mind. I tried to understand his happy experiences and share in them. I bombarded him with a flood of questions. He would not answer my questions, and he shielded his experiences from me. I withdrew. I came into his wife's dreams, but her fear was too great. I went to my soil with strangely wet cheeks. I did not understand what was wrong with me. Why should I weep over rejection and fear? It was something I had always tried to achieve.

"I woke from my slumber with the half desire not to wake, but then I remembered that I could go back and see her again. I watched her with bright wide eyes. I wanted to speak to her, but I was content to just watch her and keep what I had. I continued my joyous routine for two weeks, when one night she did something different. She held Jonathan by his shoulders and demanded me to let him be and come forward to her. I swallowed hard and deep.

"With a bit of an argument with myself, I appeared before Jonathan. I wanted to kiss him for making this passageway possible, but I could not cross the circle of salt anymore than he could. I knelt before him and whispered all of my thanks, and then I appeared in Lucy's room. She cried out and shrank back from me. After a few well chosen hesitant word from me, she calmed down. She swallowed hard and offered up her neck.

"I choked at the sudden offer. I insisted upon my vast amount of questions to be answered, and I wanted her to ask questions of me. She asked very little. I tried to answer her questions, but I could not give a satisfactory answer. I did not know my answer. She answered my many and various questions. I repeated myself a couple of times, but I was not used to an attentive listener. My soul was so high and full, that she had no need to offer her blood. She already owned me. The Black Death had ended at my silent mental command. She insisted upon the bite. I shuddered, but she touched my wet cheek and urged me on with her soft words. I gazed at her for a long time. She smiled at me. What would I have done had I known her when I was mortal? I was already to suffer what I must to right my wrongs. She wanted me to suffer.

"Even though she told me that Jonathan was nothing, I wished to ease her concerns for him and make her happier. All I wanted was a bit of what she had given him, even if she called it nothing. Maybe the three of us could have worked out something. I could not take her away from him. He needed her. If I could just watch over them and receive a reply when I spoke to them, I would remain content. Maybe they could teach me to be approved by them. I was a good learner.

"So, at last, I led her to her bed and make her lay down, since I did not wish her to fall once I had bitten her. I bowed my head to her neck. Although I had done many of the things that she had wanted me to do, I could not release Jonathan just yet. he would not approve of my biting his wife, and I know I could not convince him to do it himself. I needed for all three of us to be vampires for my plan to work. On my knees, I glanced at her trembling body. I spoke softly to her and told her that she had nothing to fear. I meant her no harm. I stroked her dark hair and gazed into her beautiful green eyes. Yes, I knew she was the one I waited for, even though I remember her eyes were grey and her hair light. I was sick at the time, what did I know. I knelt my head and placed a kiss where I intended my fangs to be. I pulled back and clutched my arms. I could not believe that all the suffering would soon be over. My heart pounded in my throat. Tears streamed down my cheeks. I told her in a soft whisper that I was going to bite her. She bit her lips and trembled harder, but she pulled me to her. I exposed my fangs and pierced her flesh. A shock of pain ran through her body, but still she held me. I took her blood to my eagerly waiting throat.

"As I consumed her blood I felt the anguish of her soul over the terrible things I had done. She held back a strong overpowering hatred. I tried to hold back the tears. She could not hate me. She had been far too kind to hate me. I must have touched something different. She hated the pain I had caused. I regretted my existence. I vowed never to harm anyone out of the pure joy of creating pain. I could never spread the horrid Black Death again. I could convince never create another unwilling vampire again. I would make Jonathan's existence the best that I could. Perhaps, I could convince him to actually like this existence. I did not give him much of a chance. He was far too young to die and suffer Hell. He really did not deserve damnation. No one I have damned deserved it. No one deserved the misery I caused. I hated myself stronger than I have ever done. I cried so hard at what I had begun, that I could not take her blood properly. I was hurting her. I pulled away. I had never done that before without finishing out the bite first. I never had cared how bad my victims had hated me. Somehow, I thought Jonathan would eventually feel differently about the vampirism.

"Weakly, she stroked my shoulder. She pulled me to her, as I heavily cried. I begged her forgiveness. I begged divine forgiveness. I swore with all my heart to right what I had done. I wanted to be worthy of her care. I wanted to be worthy enough to live. I continued to cry as she patted my back. At last, I pulled from her. I had to finish out my bite. I returned my fangs to her neck. The fear was not so strong. I drank her blood strongly, although I still felt the shame and the hatred. I knew I would make her proud of me, and someday I would deserve her affection.

"I finished out my bite. I stared quietly at her for a little while longer, while her consciousness slipped away. I pulled the covers over her. I placed a terrible claw hand on her cheek. My heart was full, and it would remain that way for the next night and who knows how much longer. No more loneliness! It was almost more than I could imagine. My hand burned. The sun had come. I pulled my hand away. The bright glorious light touched my eyes for the moment it was allowed. I cried out as I dissolved to dust on the floor beside her bed. All my hopes and plans for the future were destroyed. That gives you an explanation of my tears when I arrived here.

"Now, you have heard my story. You know I speak true, although I am full of it, because you could always force the truth out of me if I intentionally strayed. My vows and promises were not meant for the existence of this trial, but if you offer me another chance, I will prove good to my word. You might find my attempts amusing. The only thing that I ask is that you free Jonathan of the curse. I would give anything to have him by my side, . . . but well, I know, he does not deserve this life, and I should be good on my own. Please, my lord Minos, have mercy on us."

"It is true. You have been one of the most evil beings known to the world. You have lived up to what you were meant to be. This time things are different. The old dormant side of you has been awakened again. Your surprise repentance has made it impossible to pass final judgment on you. You cannot go to Hell, as you were sentenced in the Sixteenth Century, because of that repentance. I cannot send you to Purgatory because of that sentence. You will return to the living world to see how good your repentance is. As for your underling, we shall see. You know the fate of vampires as a rule."

"I was never very good at following the rules! That is why I am here! Sir, I make another tiny request, again, as I always do, and this time it may be inappropriate. Seeing how you need to interview Jonathan and all, could I see Giovanni in the in between time?"

"Which is it, Misko? Do you want to see Giovanni or do you want us to consider Jonathan for your trial?"

"I did think it was pushing it a bit. My evils have denied me again. Please, tend to Jonathan. I know I will see Giovanni in due time. I have another time to die "