Stormy green,

Never to be seen,

Light upon a meadow scene.


Desperate blue,

Filled with rage anew,

Cast upon the white church pew.


Craving red,

Venom it won't shed,

Seeths into a young man's death bed.


Happy yellow,

Full of sunshine mellow,

Shines from the music of a singing cello.


Tragic black,

Tinted shadows in a shack,

Rests upon an old one's back.


Calming violet,

Made not to be violent,

Soothe the young one's cries to be silent.


Painted brown,

Worn by the dirty ground,

Showing life without a frown.


Binding white,

Feathers for a bird in flight,

Cries out the bline one's pleasing plight.


Cornered gray,

Reflecting off the fray,

Reveals the emotions weaved this day.