A/N: Lately a lot of my friends have been telling me to talk to them...and I want to, but I never feel like there could be enough time for me to fully explain myself andI don't want to be interrupted. So I wrote this. R&R me, I'll R&R you. Keep writing.



Defensive 1/14/06

Tell me, Pammy, tell me everything
I really want to know what you've got to say
Come on, open up a little bit-
I hate that you shut me out this way

So I try to tell you what's on my mind
But you never seem to have the time
To listen to me rant or whine
And it seems I'm always leaving you upset
Because I never get the chance
To finish a thought or feeling I'm having
I'm tired of leaving everyone hanging
If we just had another minute or two
I swear I could spill my heart out to you
But I'm afraid you'll have to go
And I'm afraid I won't be able to show
All these feelings I've got inside
The thoughts that keep me up at night
I hate feeling like you really want to know
And there's something stopping me from letting go
Because you tell me you already know it all
So why do you make me take the fall
Making me try to find words I don't have
Who knew you could make me feel so bad?
And when I finally feel like I know what to say
You always find something to put in my way
"I gotta run- can we talk later?"
My trust in you always wavers...
You say I don't say much at all-
But I say more to you than to anyone else
And you always seem so upset
Like I'm saying things you don't want said
So you say you're happy I'm even talking
But I'm just happy that you're listening
And it hurts me when you say I don't talk enough
I know that I'm really not that tough
And I can't keep it inside as much as I want
But that's no reason for you to torment and taunt
I just want to be able to give myself away-
But I'm too afraid to hear what you've got to say....