metal mixes with a slow fading tan

she wears her memories

in chains of silver, loops of bronze.

the needle ran through her easily

it never hurt (although she had aversion to the 5 inches

of pure titanium running through her).

now she wears her best friends choice in her stomach

dangling with fake clear rhinestones and stars

later someone might say it looks trashy.

she knows his ring on her finger was an

attempt at something more but for now all

it will ever mean is love (the friend kind).

she tied a black ribbon on her necklace

for the dead people she knew and it curls

in fraying ringlets of dark earth.

she has lines on her wrists from rubber

bracelets that never leave. but no, if you break one,

she will not hook up with you.

the second stud in her ear was infected

even though it was sterling silver

and the alcohol to sterilize it only went to her head.

she loved the cool metal as it

ran through her sun loved skin

and she looked at the ceiling fan and imagined

the places she might go someday.

in chains of silver, loops of bronze

she wears her memories.

metal mixes with a slow fading tan.