Take Me For A Ride

I'm feeling wild tonight

Running up and down

Want to do something

Some crazy shit with you

So pick me up take me for a ride

Your just so lucky I can't decide

And all these words stay in my head

Cause it's so hard to get out of bed

That's my tragedy so what's yours

Show me mine if I show you yours

I'm a looser with no motivation

You're a nutcase who forgets his medication

Stop looking so hurt you knew it was coming

I'm a bitch sometimes but that's okay cause so are you

And I still want to do

Some crazy shit with you

Cause we're two lost souls here

Lost in a forest of signposts

But that's okay cause we're okay today

Tomorrow will be another story

But lap it up while it lasts

So come in and take me for a goddamn ride

And if you're lucky I'll even hold your hand

So shut up bitch AND TAKE ME FOR A RIDE