Quiet In the Library

Quiet all you cause I'm busy

The voices in my head just won't stop screaming

While I'm sitting in the library thinking

Quiet all you cause I'm busy

Planning out my private suicide

So go away I never invited you

Come to my funeral though

Don't be afraid to cry

But for now get the hell away from me

I don't like you cause they thought I should

I'm not like you cause they all said I would

Poseur bitch you are so lame

Giving kids like me a bad name

Think your tough cause you dress in black

You're a nothing and I think you know it

So that's why I'm sat here in the library

And I'm throwing pencil leads at you

While the voices in my head are still screaming

It was all quiet in the library when you stole my place

And the leads keep coming coming coming

Lap it up motherfucker

But please stop your screaming

You're giving me a fucking headache