Summary: Piper has always been scared of dolls ever since a certain incident in her childhood. Girls usually get dolls when they're six but Piper's parents decide to give her one on her sixteenth birthday, much to her chagrin. Unfortunately for her, that's not the end of it. Imagine what your reaction would be if your doll came to life.

The Piper and the Doll (Title will definitely change)

Chapter 1: Dolls and Turning Sixteen

A little girl with long reddish brown hair and hazel eyes smiled happily as the other kids around her sang a loud "Happy Birthday" song. After putting out the candles with one gigantic blow, the other kids and the adults clapped their hands in congratulations. She was now a proud six-year old.

"It's time to open your presents, sweetheart," a woman with red hair and lighter hazel eyes said with a smile. The girl cheered and grabbed the first present her mother gave her with much enthusiasm. "Tear the paper, Pip. They say that tearing the gift wrapper makes opening presents more enjoyable." The little girl nodded and proceeded to rip the paper apart. The adults around the girl laughed while some of the kids looked on enviously.

"I want it to be my birthday too!" one of the kids cried. His father told him to be quiet and patient and that it would be his birthday soon enough.

"It's a bag!" Piper cried as soon as she opened the box. She immediately slipped it on and thanked whoever gave her the present politely.

"Here's the next one," a brown-haired, brown-eyed man said, handing her another parcel.

"Thanks Dad!" She took the present and opened it.

On it went. She received twelve presents in total. Jessie was so happy. She had never received that much gifts before! Much to her delight, her best friend, Mina, ran to her with another gift-wrapped parcel.

"I forgot to put it in with the others!" she exclaimed, panting. "Here! I hope you like it!"

"I'm sure I will," Piper replied happily as she tore the wrapping off. Mina looked on happily, excited about her friend's reaction. But her smile instantly disappeared when her friend screamed.

The gift went flying across the room. Everyone stared at it and then looked back at the horrified girl. Piper was staring at Mina's gift as if it were a nightmare come to life.

"What's wrong with my present?" Mina asked, her eyes starting to water slightly. Piper immediately noticed.

"It's not you, Mina," Piper's mother said soothingly. "It's just that-"

"I hate dolls!"

Mina stopped and looked at her friend. "What?"

"I hate dolls!" Piper repeated.

"But you're a girl," Mina said, a deep frown marring her features. She obviously could not find reason in Piper not liking dolls.

"I don't care," Piper cried. "I hate dolls!

I HATE them!"

"Happy birthday, Piper!"

I grinned happily as Mina gave me a gigantic hug. She had grown to be a beautiful girl but her glasses would always hide the beauty of her eyes. Mina had golden brown hair and gorgeous lavender-colored eyes. Her figure was just right, not too modest and not too voluptuous. She was also extremely smart. Like I said, the only sad thing about her was the fact that she already needed glasses. Mina refused to wear contact lenses. I asked her why and she would always say it's a secret. Hmph. What a best friend.

"Here's my birthday present for you," Mina said happily, giving me a parcel. I almost squealed as I grabbed the gift for her. I just loved presents! But as soon as I saw what she gave me, I screamed.

It was a doll! A doll with an evil smile and blood splattered all over it!


Mina, however, was already clutching her stomach, laughing her heart out. I tried giving her my deadliest glare but I failed. No one alive can glare at Mina. They have to be heartless.

"How could you?" I cried dramatically. "You just used my greatest fear against me! You know I'm already frightened of dolls but you still added blood and an evil smile!"

Mina was still laughing hard. "I-" She was gasping between breaths. "-couldn't… resist. Sorry… Ac-tually… No! I'm not! HAHAHAHA!" I scowled and waited for her to finish. When she finally did, she looked apologetic enough.

"You're lucky I lost some of my fear," I reprimanded her. "It still freaks me out every single time though."

Mina frowned. "I don't even know why you're so scared of dolls. You've never told me."

"It's a secret," I told her with a wink. "Since you're not telling me why you wear glasses, I won't tell you why I'm so scared of dolls." Mina pretended to be mad and stalked off. I chuckled and followed her.

The truth was that she wouldn't believe me if I told her.

"By the way…" Mina let me catch up to her. "That isn't your real gift, obviously. We'll shop for your real gift later on after school."

"Cool!" Besides those gigantic round glasses of hers, Mina had a perfect sense of fashion. She also knows where to buy the best gifts!

I looked forward again and found a yellow flower right in front of my face. Sparkling dark eyes met my hazel ones.

"A flower for you, my dear… Happy Birthday, Pip."

I grinned at my close friend, Theo Li. "You actually remembered? Take note of this, Mina. I want to print it out and place it in a frame: Theodore Fang Li remembered Piper Darcy's sixteenth birthday."

"Haha, very funny," Theo said sarcastically. I chuckled. Ever since I met Theo, he would always forget my birthday. I was surprised that he even remembered. "You should be grateful that I remembered. You know that any event that does not relate to me or one I don't benefit from, I always forget. You should feel special."

Theo's family is rich (he's half-Chinese, half-Anglo) and he's an only child so he couldn't help but be a bit self-centered sometimes. He's a good guy though and never selfish. In fact, he can be very generous.

"We're going to go shopping later for her present," Mina told Theo. "After school. Want to come along? That flower can't be your present."

Theo nodded. "I wanted Piper to chose her present… Actually, that might be a dumb move. Knowing her, she'll make sure to take this opportunity to ask for something expensive- OW!" He glared at me while nursing his side. I smiled sweetly at him.

"I was just thinking of getting a romance novel but now that you mentioned it... I've been eyeing a lovely pair of emerald studs." Theo paled.

"It better not be worth more than half a thousand bucks. I'm a bit broke for this month." Yup. That was Theo: sparing "only" half a thousand bucks for a gift was being "broke".

"I'm sure it's not more than half a thousand bucks," I reassured him, playing.

Theo, however, looked sincerely relieved. "Oh. Good. I can get it for you then." Isn't he so cute? Theo's always serious when it comes to money. Mina was trying hard to hold her laughter in. She was failing miserably though as I heard her snort in an unladylike manner. My grin widened.

We finally got to our classroom. Lessons started but I didn't pay any attention. I was so excited! After this, we were going to buy two of my presents and I knew exactly what I wanted…

…And it doesn't involve plastic, ceramic and fake hair.


"What about a new hat?" Mina inquired. I shook my head.

"I have tons of hats already. Do you think I should get a skirt?"

Mina looked thoughtful. "Yeah… I rarely see you in a skirt and I'm with you most of the time. That's it! Let's get you a skirt!"

Theo came up from behind Mina and me. He was carrying a plastic bag and I knew what was inside: three romance novels.

"I don't know why you love them so much," he said with a light frown. "Aren't romance novels just full of descriptive porn instead of visual? If you just want porn, it's better to get the visual kind."

I scowled. "You have no romantic bone in your body. I pity your future girlfriend. Besides… I skip the R-rated bit."

"But that's the best part!" Theo protested. Hmph. Stupid hormone-induced male.

We finally bought a skirt – one that was knee-length and light blue in color that gradually blended into green. I was quite happy with it and I thanked Mina over and over again for it. She only smiled and said I was welcome.

By the time I got to look at a watch, I realized that I really needed to be home. Theo quickly offered to take me. Mina came along as well.

The first thing I noticed about the house was that it was a bit dark. I shrugged it off and unlocked the door. The moment I stepped in…


I stared at the people present. They were all family friends and some of my classmates and close friends.

"I-Is this a surprise party?" I asked, still in shock.

"Are you surprised?" Mina asked from behind me. I almost jumped and she smiled. In answer to her question, I nodded. "Then it must be a surprise party." Theo was right next to her, grinning from ear to ear.

"You never even suspected!" Theo announced proudly. Mina leaned close to me.

"Now you know why he remembered," she 'whispered' conspiratorially.

"Hey!" The two of us giggled.

"Come on inside, Pip," my mother said, pulling me further inside. "Your nice friends arranged this."

It was so much fun! I got to talk with people I haven't talked to in a while. There were some small games and singing. Finally, one of my favorite parts came: opening the presents!

I opened the presents one by one while everyone watched me. I got a variety of things… CD's, tops, some accessories and even more romance novels. I guess it was already common knowledge that I was a romantic. I was happy to say that there were no dolls.

The guests left one by one with Mina and Theo left last.

"You better not stay up late," Mina said with a wink. "We still have school tomorrow."

I groaned. "Don't remind me. It was a good idea to make the guests leave at nine."

Theo playfully ruffled my hair while I glared up at him. He was more than a head taller than me so he loved pushing down on my head.

"Don't be late my little pied Piper," he said, grinning wide. I stuck my tongue out at him. Laughing, he left with Mina right behind him. I waved them good-bye as his driver drove off.

My mom and dad were waiting in the living room for me.

"Did you have fun?" Dad asked. I nodded happily.

"I had a great time!"

"We still haven't given you our present," my mom told me softly. "Here."

Excitedly, I opened the parcel. You could never guessed what they gave me.

If a four-lettered word starting with a 'D' and ending with an 'L' then you win.

On my sixteenth birthday, my parents gave me a doll!

"A… A doll?" I looked up at them with disbelieving eyes. "Aw, Mom! Dad! You know I hate dolls!" I would've dropped it but something prevented me from doing so. I took a good look at the doll in my hand.

It was made of quality wood, not plastic. The doll had golden hair and a left green eye and aright blue eye. For some reason, the gentle smile on its face made me give it a small smile in return.

"I can't tell if it's a boy or a girl though," I said slowly, eyeing it critically.

"Feel for it," my mom said, a strange twinkle in her eye. I cocked an eyebrow.

"Feel for it?" I asked in confusion. "As in for a chest?" My mom nodded, that twinkle still in her eye while my dad looked slightly uncomfortable. I shrugged and felt for a chest.

There wasn't any.

Absently, my fingers felt down to the doll's hips and to my immense shock, I felt…

"Eww!" I cried. "They put things like those on a doll?!"

My mom laughed. That's what the twinkle was! Mischief!

"You want to take a look and check if it's what you think?"

For some reason, I flushed and I glared at her. "I'm not like that, Mom!"

"Of course not," she said dismissively. I puffed my cheeks and she smiled. "Now go to bed, dear. We'll be here if you need us."

"Good night, Pip," my dad said softly. He was such a nice guy.

I hesitated before taking the doll with me, along with my other gifts. I placed all my gifts carefully on my desk. Worried that the doll might get chipped if it fell, I placed it at the center of my bed.

"I wouldn't usually care, you know," I said quietly as I looked at him. "In fact, I would've been happy if you were broken. I hate dolls… Why am I even talking to you?" I looked at his smiling face and sighed. I shook my head in an attempt to get my head straight. Maybe a quick shower would clear my thoughts of silliness.

Luckily, my room had its own bathroom. Grabbing my pajamas, I went inside the bathroom and took a shower.

It was a weird doll. First of all, it wasn't freaking me out in a way most dolls did. Yes, it freaked me out still – but only because I felt as though I could talk to it.

Sighing, I sleepily went out of the bathroom with my eyes closed. I knew my room well enough to walk around it without bumping into anything. Giving out another deep sigh, I stopped at the foot of my bed and let myself fall.

Only… Instead of feeling my soft yet firm and flat mattress, my body did not end up in a horizontal line. Oh no. My face was pushed against something warm and moving and breathing! I quickly opened my eyes and looked up.

Smiling blue and green eyes were looking straight at me. I then realized that I was sprawled on a guy's lap!

My scream was inevitable.


A/N: New story from me! Sorry… I couldn't resist! Hehehe… If you're wondering where I got this idea from, Piper is sort-of a bit like me. I HATE dolls! They freak me out, especially the ones with eyes that open and close! (shivers) Anyway, tell me if you like it or not.