1I would call you up at 4 in the morning with flowers in my hair

And brackets there 'round the phrases that were unsaid but heard

Love is a four-letter word, it's a thorny-edged crown

That cuts and drowns my skull as bloody roses shine

You would be mine, my footprints in the sand

The shaky hand and selfish eyes that knock me out like punch

I am reeling and not sleeping much, God is sending me messages through FM waves

There are days when I carry him in my back pocket like a gun for protection

I have a collection of my thoughts an not a drop of yours

It's a whore's breakfast but I'd like to be drunk on those by the time I wake

From a dream's mistake, I've learned every lesson they can't teach you in class

That life passes by and we are wasting it with beautiful precision

You've made your decision, I've made my face smile till it's real

We're laying in a field in this nightmarish dream

And strange as it seems, you are streaming flowers through my hair